Meane Palistram

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Abstract Info:
Name: Meane (Mee-un) Palistram (Pal-iss-trum)

Sexuality: Could be bisexual

Relationship status: Squeaky toy (Yeah that's a joke!)

Attitude: Mostly grumpy or sarcastic it seems. With a teeny hint of mischief or insanity


Lets start with the basic things people usually pick up. Yep. She has breasts, but since that's usually underneath clothes, we can skip that. Yes, she's female but yet again CLOTHES (Well, when she can wear them again), so the other naughty bits can't be seen. For now at least.

The other thing to note from a distance if she looks elfish. But her rounded ears at close distance suggest she's just a skinny and small human. Standing at a mere four feet and eight inches. The kind that either needs more meat on her bones or she's one of these "wirey" body shapes.

Okay, yes, fine... Her breasts are bigger than her frame would make comfortable. Being a large C cup. Now we can finally move onto her actual face. She's got slightly widened eyes, the kind where you can basicly see more than you would like in the corners closer to her nose.

Her nose would be the kind that if she was a noble would be called "sculpted" or "statuesque". But since she's clearly a commoner we're going to instead describe it as "who cares, it's a nose!". But her lips do look so kissable and plush and... No. Just no. They also are a natural pinkish. No makeup here.

She does have high-ish cheekbones so maybe the commoner thing could be a lie. Also she does have that haughty attitude at times. Her lips often in a sardonic kind of smirk, or an slim eyebrow raised. Mostly just an impassive expression for most going on's. She also has very pale looking grey eyes with a smidgen of manic nervousness. If her darting eyes are any clue.

Downwards glancing eyes upon this young adult would take note of her willowy frame and her slender arms. Arm's very girly with underlying muscle tone subtly under flesh, seen only when the female does tasks that require slightly more brute force. Her real artwork of muscle being her almost rock hard abdominals.

Further glancing down beyond that means one notices her girly yet not overly motherly hips. Meaning no odd comments about her fertility or child bearing capabilities enter the thoughts here. Unless you consider her greatest shame of plush and well rounded buttocks she just can't seem to get fully firm.

On a complete sidenote her hands usually resting upon her hips or her lap are very dainty looking with delicate and long fingers, the nails kept a natural shade unless she decides to paint them in the near future. Hands suprisingly soft for a brawler with nails able to scratch instead of maim.

Idle glancing towards her crotch when the human is distracted would reveal no bulge hidden under clothes or any other strangeness, unless being fully female in this land is abnormal.

Yet if one did see her naked the real oddity is unlike hairless elves or vain humans. She did not shave down there, unless keeping it neat and not too unruly counts.

Someone has dispelled her odd tribal based warding runes across her body disguised as tattoo's. Meaning she no longer looks like a golden glowy inked human artwork. She's also losing her more tanned skin appearance, as if she now stays more indoors, rather than maybe sleeping in the open like she used to.

She also had dainty and feminine feet she for some reason kept bare and a bit dirty, but not -too- dirty. As if she could avoid everything else but dust collecting over time. Meaning her soles and the tips of her not painted toes were usually covered in a fine dusting.


Around her neck she now has a lovely bright red leather collar with golden studs and a golden hoop on the front.

Seems someone has convinced them to stop wearing clothes, or she's just so poor she can't afford new ones after someone 'lost' them.

Reds: Server rules apply here. Certain scenes may be faded to black based on player mood though.

Greens: Try it and see what happens. Consequences are fun. The other green's are so many they can't fit here.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf