Serenity Wulv

Height: 6'6"
Weight: Roughly 180 lbs
Age: 476
Race: Snow Elf/White Dragon Heritage
Body: Elven with a hint of muscle tone

Serenity is an Ex-Slave. A Gladiator, a warrior trained to fight for the entertainment of others. That being said, she was not taught how to properly kill someone, or how to engage in real battle.

There is evidence of this from the lighter circle of skin around her neck where a collar had sat for several hundred years. The experience has left her bitter and angry, often lashing out at the smallest slights, whether intended insults or not.


Her hair hangs carelessly down around her head, she allows it to grow out and cuts it only when she prepares for a life threatening battle.

Her body is riddled with fading and minor scars, only three are easily noticed.  The two on her face, one crossing from her right cheek over the bridge of her nose to her left cheek. The second starting above her left eyebrow and trailing down to end parallel with her lips creating a ' + ' on her left cheek where the two scars cross

Her skin is smooth and soft (and cool) to the touch though her muscle mass is firm and hard in her arms and legs, upon her chest sit two breasts which fit her body size nicely, an average human hand would barely be able to grasp them fully

Her rear is firm and round and her legs are long and toned, while her pants hide these facts well behind pockets and bagginess

Her Tattoos

The Blue weaving tattoos that cover her limbs and torso seem to bear no real significance unless scrutinized by someone with Arcane knowledge (Lore 40/Spellcraft 20) These markings are magical in nature and seem to shimmer when she is cast upon or channel magic herself (item use included) Those with knowledge of such things would recognize them as a binding ritual, connecting her spirit with the elemental planes

The Green markings which interweave with the blue also carry a faint magical aura, those of a different nature.. these markings seem to slowly twist and contort whenever Serenity becomes angry, it is visible to the naked eye but only upon close inspection (spot 15)


The air around Serenity is slightly cooler then the air in the area (unless its already cold out), She is constantly sweating in warmer climates (Anything above 5 Celcius)

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf