Charlotte S'abrina S'erminutue

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The Physicals:

Race: Human Female(Half elf in reality.)

Age: Twenty-Four(Much older in reality.)

Height: Six Feet Four Inches

Eyes: Brightest of Icy Blues

Hair: Long & Jet Black

Sabs also works across the street at the Infernal Pleasures tending bar when needed, and as an escort.  Services vary.

S'abrina has few visible blemishes present on her body with only four of any considerable note & they are as follows:

First, a vertical scar over her right palm - middle base to wrist.

Second, the letters SASS scarred into that very same wrist.

The epitome of a chubby milf if there ever was one to behold; Sabrina's once avid adventuring days are now long behind her.  The witch seems to live the mundane life now, very rarely ever carrying her staff anymore, and casting spells even less.

Body Piercings & Jewelry:

Various bits of jewelry have been known to find themselves seated in her tongue.

Sabby wears four rings & they are as follows:

1.  Right index finger: A shining flawless gold band inset with a multifaceted shining amber stone & it possesses the inscription - "Heart of the Lil Princess".

2.  A second ring snuggled around her right index finger & nestled up alongside the first.  A white gold band inset with encrusted & alternating amethyst /diamond stones.  This ring possesses no inscription.

3. Third, a halo engagement wing; prong set around an amethyst center, with a halo of smaller, black diamonds encircling it.  Split shank of black and purple gems.  If inspected closely, one would note the presence of a nebular star-system's visage swirling about inside of the main, purple gem.

4.  An incredibly ornate wedding band that seems to possess immense, magical power.  A pair of swirling sparkles fluttered around the main stone set in the middle, and seemed to snake, and dance around Sabby's finger where the ring squeezed over her finger.

The rings will only come off with the wearers willing permission. Any attempts at removing it otherwise will simply fail, as if the ring was sealed to the wearer's finger. All of this jewelry had been warded from theft, if you want it, you're going to have to chop her fingers off.

Sabby is pierced on both earlobes & appears to perpetually wear the following/one in each ear -> An amethyst gemstone, cut long and thin, in a hectagon shape with a slight point on each end. The gemstone is wrapped in a thin mithril plate, spiraling down it´s length, the entire piece hanging from a thin mithril chain, dangling from a tiny hook, the tip blunted to keep it from being able to sting.

Sabby has her clit, nipples, and navel pierced.  Each of these sites have been decorated with various pieces of silver/amethyst jewelry.  All straight, rather than hoops/rings.

Sabs sometimes wears some decorative, gold baubles across the top of her head; she also almost always wears a silver chain around her head tucked just up under her bangs, and then up over her ears.  The chain's inset is amethyst like most everything else she wears.


S'abrina most often wears either black or ruby red lipstick, purple eye shadow & thick black eyeliner.  Sab wears either gloss black or gloss red nail polish - both fingers & toes.

S'abrina has a favorite when it comes to bath oils & scents. These consist of a sweet blend of floral scents, most notable - faint rosewater hidden beneath a strong lavender.

Physical Attributes:

S'abrina has a proportionate figure that leaves her rather busty & top heavy - most often this feature is concealed in her robes, but just barely. These curves are more often then not accentuated by the rather tight fitting attire that she chooses to wear.


Sab takes a ridiculous amount of care when it comes to her nails, and this includes the toenails.  Sab doesn't have any scars on her feet, shins, calves, knees, or thighs.  The texture that is the surfaces of her legs is rather smooth & completely shaven, as is the soft plumpness that are the folds of her sex & it's surrounding areas.  Actually, come to think of it, Sab doesn't have -any- hair anywhere on her body with the exception of what resides on her head.

Rear End:

The plumpness that is the taut of her ass rolls up to swell out in producing a rather curvy pair of nicely formed flesh masses.  When S'abrina is wearing rather tight fitting pants or with a top, she appears to be rather well off in the endowment that is her ass.


Sab's tummy is soft & likewise smooth like her lower body, with the exception that she possesses a very small amount of cushion just below the skin.  This attribute gives her lower body in particular a compressible plumpness that can sometimes snuggle just out of the edges of her outfits, but only just very slightly.


Sabby is top heavy.  The breasts have piercings in the nipples & sit upon their mount upon her chest with a lovely bouncy cushioned spring to their mass.  Sab in many cases will wear something that can seemingly crush these masses together & cause a rather tight & quite full cleavage to rise up from the constrictive tops that she wears.  Sab's arms are slender & soft to the touch, and so are her hands.

While S'abrina's body may be appealing to the eye, she lacks any kind of muscle build.

S'abrina speaks with an extremely thick accent & makes ample use of foul language in many cases.


Sabs has a lot of hair; so much so that it nearly drags the ground behind her when she leaves it entirely unbound in some fashion.  She often wraps it's thick, midnight tressing up so that it's mostly out of her way; opting to add in several, wide, long braids as well.  Sometimes she can be seen with golden clasps binding ponytails, or other braids in place.


S'abrina has something of an obsession with the color purple, and almost everything that she owns will have some shade of purple adorning it's features.  She is drawn to this color as if it's very sight hold somewhat of a magnetic effect over her.

Sabs tends to lean towards silken fabrics, and she will choose these materials for her fashions almost always when given the choice.  There are a couple of exceptions to this tendency.  Almost all of Sab's undergarments & intimate attires are fashioned from lace & satin.  Sab also wears several outfits that have been entirely fashioned from either black & purple leather or vinyl of the same colors.  Sabs wears anything from open heels to full thigh high boots when it comes to footwear, and once again almost always purple or black with some gold exceptions.  

Businesses, and employment:

Sabs owns the Seventh Heaven in Halcyon square; the establishment is home to a bar, performance stage, inking studio, and Leeri'eera's arcane emporium.  Lodging is also available on the second floor.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human