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General info:
Gender: Female.
Age: Seemingly a little into her adult life but with the ageless, smooth features of her face it's hard to say.
Race: Unclear; She appears similar to an elf but with an odd skin and hair colour.
Skin Colour: Pale with a sort of purplish glow.
Hair: Long, dark purple locks falling down her back, stopping at the middle of her thighs.

Description: (Work in progress)
This fairly young looking female is around 4'10 tall with long pointy ears and luxurious purple hair running the full length of her back all the way down to the middle of her thighs. Deva's skin is pale with a light purple glow to it, her body a beautiful feminine hourglass shape with wide hips and rather large breasts for her small frame.

[Hidden - Spoiler  Alert!]
She is actually a tanar'ri, similar to a succubus but not entirely alike.  She lives off the malice of mortals around her - be it directed at herself or other mortals, it makes little difference to her.  She has shape shifted into her current form and will usually be manipulative to achieve her goals.

Role in D/s play:
20% Domme / 80% Submissive. I lean heavily sub though I might top occasionally.

Green Lights:
Men, women, slow teasing, cum play, humiliation, non-consensual, force, blackmail, forced slutty behaviour, pet play, bondage (ropes), restraints (gags, blindfolds, hobble chains, leather cuffs, etc.), fetish-wear (e.g. corsets, insane heels, sexy thigh high boots with heels, ballet boots), hand licking and worship, D/s, sex toys (dildos vibrators and so on), oral, vaginal, anal, denial and control of orgasms, mind control, verbal abuse/name calling, double and triple penetration, one on one or groups (with multiple doms and/or female subs - MF/f being my personal favourite *blushes*).

Yellow Lights:
*Yellow lights is a basket where I put things that I am not oppose to but where I do not enjoy every aspekt of it and where treading carefully would be adviced if you want me to enjoy it* Slapping, whipping, shemales, vanilla sex, insainly large cock (big cocks or dildo's isn't bad but unreal size of insettion that sounds as it would cause serious damage)body alteration/modification (depends what, how and why) beasts, and pee.

Red Lights:
Halflings, orcs (the stupid ones - no thank you), extensive pain inflicted in anger or frustration, vore, cervix penetration, extensive gore, mutilations, the knight in shining armor routine (you know saving the poor distressed victim ASK ME OOC if I want to be saved unless you want to be a jerk ruining someone else hard RPed scene. And if you most run with the knight in shining armor routine you better RP it good I mean REALLY GOOD if you want it to sink an unknown number of hours RP for someone else), usual server rules about minor chars.

*If you have any questions or want something explained feel free to send me a tell - I don't usually bite*
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf