Mebriewiel Relimion

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Mebriewiel is an elegant looking sun elven woman, poised at the height of a humble 5'10, average, she appears lean and muscular, toned, and well cared for in appearance. Her shoulder length blonde hair looks well cared for and her sharp blue eyes look at the world with a positive energy of someone who expects the best out of each and every day.

She contains an exuberant sort of energy, the air of self-confidence bordering - and often crossing into, arrogance. She always looks straight ahead, never down or up, gazing into the expressions of those who she speaks to with absolute baring of someone who thinks she deserves to be where she is.

She is known as the owner of the Waterfront Casino, the Palace of Coins, in the city of Sinifer.

The details:

Name: Mebriewiel of the House of Relimion
Deity: Seldarine
Age: Somewhere around 400
Gender: Female (genitals are fluid, and sometimes, non-existent it would appear).
Preference: Pansexual, but generally gynophilic.
Role: Generally Dominant, but Subs often enough to be called a Switch.

Meb generally enjoys bullying, public displays of affection, exhibitionism, and whatnot. She isn't shy, and generally will try anything once.

Player is generally open to violence, rape, etcetera- though prefer this to be spontaneous, it kinda loses its spark when it's setup via tells.

Yellows: Meb being pregnant, permanent transformations (discussion before hand required).

Reds: Toilet play.

Note: If you aren't having fun, if you need to go, please let me know. People who 'vanish' in the middle of an RP session more than a couple times will find I won't give them my time anymore.
Player:XCRs Bitch
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf