Mebriewiel Relimion

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This mature sun elf stands at a healthy five feet tall, wearing heels, fashionable dress that contains her large bust, as well as slender hips and lovely thighs. She moves with a powerful arrogance, and speaks often in a manner that gives the impression of her contempt for lower breeds of mortality, humans, wild/wood elves, and definitely dwarves. She seems to have a particular fascination with halflings.

Traits: Dominant, she rarely subs.
Gender: Visually female.
Orientation: Bisexual leaning female  (player preference, NwN male models are ugly. :( )
Age: 432
Bust: Double DD
Weight: About a hundred and twenty pounds
Slender, toned, and muscular, able to pick up objects heavier than she is.

Greens: Lots of stuff.

Yellow: Violence

Reds: Toilet Play, Blood Play.
Player:XCRs Bitch
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf