Miuo Kanashimi

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Side Note: Im open to all forms of rp, random approach, small talk, lengthy in-depth talk, debate, teaching and so on.

Side Note #2: Miuo's "true" form is hin sized, and due to being skilled in altering her form the info below is subject to slight or drastic change. If unsure please PM for more exact details.

Full Name: Miuo Yami Kanashimi
Pronounced: Mew Khan-A-She-Me
Gender: Differs with each form
Height: Three Foot Two Inches (Hin)
Scent: Wildflowers
Weight: Thirty (Hin)
Breast: Small/Medium (Hin)
Bottom: Plump and supple
Hair: White
Eyes: Solid Black
Eyes: Large, Doll Like
Lips: Full And Pouty
Tongue: Split
Piercings: Nipples, Two on each ear
Skin: White With a Hint Of Ice Blue
Voice: Soft, Gentle, Slightly Timid
Horns: Smooth and black
Ears: Feline Looking
Age: Young
Race: Wispling (Demon)
Home: Tinshu
Languages: Chz'tai, Ra'zaly, Wu Min, Ba Shu, Common, Infernal
Disposition: Switch
Orientation: Undetermined
Occupation: Wu Jen Mentor

Abilities: Siren's Call, Sirens Wail, Telepathy, Weather Control, Earth Shift, Dagger Shield, Thousand Eyes of Seeing, Ice Fall, Void Circle, Electric Cage

(The above abilities are all backed up by rp and shard requested items, if you have questions please ask)

Note: Miuo would possess an almost siren-like call when she hums or sings, luring in the living to her. As her body moves to her own tune she would release a pheromone-like drug into the air around her. Dulling the senses of those she lures in so that she can feed upon them with little to no resistance.

She feeds by sucking out the life essence from someone via their mouth, she is capable of taking just a little or draining them to a husk. The process of such fills the one she is feeding upon with overwhelming pleasure and warmth. The act of feeding can almost be seen as intimate. Since for a time she carries a part of the one she fed on within her, and they a small bit of her within them.

This can cause a variety of things to occur in the one she's fed from, such as sudden feelings to develop, such as attraction or lust. Sudden jealousy of those Miuo might have in her company. A weakened will when it involves Miuo.

For Miuo this can cause her to form an attachment to those she's fed off, seeing them as something she "owns". The ability to sense sudden drastic changes in mood, or to sense those she's fed from suddenly becoming mortally wounded.

Both effects only last a day or so if the feedings are spread apart. The more she feeds from a single source and more often begins to cause a stable bond to form between the two. If not careful such can lead to the creation of a thrall. This can be avoided by spreading feedings out on multiple sources, allowing the bond to fade. If killed the thrall is freed from its hold but maintains a sense of a something missing that cannot be filled.

OOC Note: For those interested in such or participating in such, I ask that you roll a Will check vs the call and a Fortitude vs the pheromones, and rp the following outcome as you see fit based on your rolls.

Lights: I am open to almost anything if I grow too uncomfortable during an experience I will inform the player. For ideas and a list to sorta work from if you don't want to ask me directly, go here: https://www.f-list.net/c/Miuo%20Kanashimi

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Gender (Visually):Female
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