Beatrix Feinor

Reds: perma death and breast enlargement also giveing her a penis she is 100% girl and will stay so...

Yellows: winged creatures overly large creatures unrealisticly large cocks or tits sceenes with only submissives or switches.....  excessive amounts of magic during ERP dickgirls,uneducated charcters Vanilla sex

Yellows are not reds i can be convinced of nearly all of them depending on mood and situation just i need some greens in there to Stay content for longer term rp

Greens: Feet!,Bdsm,Domiants,branding,tattooing,permanate Marking,Crule Masters/Mistresses,mental and physical torture light or heavy, degradation,objectfacation,amputation,crippling,muteing,blinding,slavery permate or temporairy,permanate bondage,head shaveing,nobles or characters that have an air of "better than her" about them Ponyplay,other animal play to a slightly lesser extent, Milking
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human