Arlani Del'Orni

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 Staring out through a heterochromic pair of hazel and gold eyes, those almond shaped orbs filled with an almost deviant light. Pupils often dilated at the sight of a particularly delightful vision offered to them. Dark masses whirling slightly with the succubian woman?s almost predatory nature. Always accented by a soft application of a mascara or something similar. Her slender nose resting beneath, nostrils often flaring out when pleasant scents were to be found. With a small gap; leading down to full and often painted lips. Shades including; purples, blues and reds for the most part. Not forgetting a crucial extra; those soft pillowy kissers often curved themselves into a wicked and somewhat crude smile. This particular succubus finding herself in possession of a rather long, but human, tongue. One that occasionally extended from between soft painted lips outwards, just flicking at the air around her.

 Her hair were glossy and coloured a natural shade of rich black. Elegantly rolling down along to mid shoulders in length. Every strand of her hair were perfectly straight, not a single curl or wave to be found marring her dark locks. Whenever the strands of her hair found themselves tucked away behind her ears, one could easily note the single sapphire stud adorning each ear.

 A slender and utterly graceful neckline followed up, not a single impurity smeared over it, occasional collars were placed around her impeccable neckline though. Namely plain variants of leathers and lace.

 Slender and delicate shoulders spread outwards from the base of her neck, leading down into supple and squeezable biceps. A hint of muscle to be seen, and indeed felt, by potentially clutching fingers. With her forearms having a lovely layer of plushness to them. Yet either slender arm were easily seen to sport enough physical force to pin down an (un)fortunate soul. Each arm flowing out into somewhat dainty hands, her fingers nimble and crowned with painted fingernails, each nail sporting the same colour shade as her lips.

 Between gently proportioned arm; lay the bountiful mass that the succubi?s breasts found themselves to be, supple and tender, even finding themselves to be enticing as either mound wobbled and shook lightly after every step she?d take. Each rounded orb of creamy unblemished flesh easily coming to an F cup, perhaps a touch more, crowned off by a small pink nipple. Either nub tending to be quite firm. Each peaking crown being unpierced, and ripe for potential abuse. It didn?t help that each orb were a gravity defying mass; perky and generally kept close in their natural state. Offering up a lewd visage for any passing glances.

 The succubian woman sported a trim belly which were present underneath each generous globe above it. Sporting an inwards belly button. Soft hints of abdominal muscle could be felt out, if one were to feel for such things, and even seen if the demonic woman tense her gut with sufficient effort. A little bit of fat adorned her mid-section, but nothing to be considered overweight, more a healthy amount just to avoid being classed as ?thin? in regards to appearances.

 Wide child-bearing hips hinting at a fertile woman displayed themselves quite prominently, flaring outwards from her waist. Leading down to thick womanly thighs, musculature constantly hinted at underneath supple layers of tender skin layered over it. Ample power could be summoned at will by her legs, able to lock and seize into whomever could be beneath. Knee?s bending to her needs, surrounded by a layer of delightful skin, softening up her joint on the way down to her calves and shins. The trend of plushness laced with muscle continuing as before, with the undertone of power hidden away by a soft suppleness.

 With her hips came the undoubted mention of the twin globes of tender rump flesh. Each heavy mound being rather plump, and utterly supple to the touch. Fingers sinking into the ample mass of creamy skin, to be engulfed by delicate softness they'd bring. Hidden between each rump-cheek her puckered anal-ring were to be found; tightly packed and promising to deliver a crushing contraction to any potential violator. It simply had to be stated, that with every step this particular demoness took. Each of those generously sized globes of rump wobbled, and perhaps even bounced pending on the force of said step.

 Around the front, leading right into the smooth hairless mound of her groin. Two labial lips presented themselves with a constant shimmer of dampness covering pink folds. Causing them to glisten near constantly in any sort of light, showing off the perpetually aroused state that the succubus found herself in. Crowned by the delicate bundle of nerves that were her near constantly engorged little clitoris. The womanly mound between those lush thighs were soft, inviting, and highlighted the demonic woman?s near unbridled lust.  

 Regular feet graced the bottom of her figure, five toes upon each, sculpted to be an ideal match for the rest of her body. A small bit of force blessing her toes, following previous trends of being able to clench and hold whatever were needed to enact her lusting needs. Toe-nail's crowning each toe, painted to match both fingernails and lips above. Her ankles moved to roll in gleeful bounces, accenting her ample curves with a wobbling ripple moving through each bit of pale plushness adorning this particular succubi?s body.

 There were a distinct scent coming from the succubus, one of lilac mixed with cinnamon, and on occasion one may even pick up on a hint of soft ginger blending in with a soft cocoa scent. This particular aroma, when present on her body, found itself accompanied by a faint glisten on her pale skin. A delicate oil present on the creamy surface of her.

 Her body radiated a clearly corrupted heat at almost all times, the effects merely magnifying upon excitement from the succubian woman. Mortals may even find it soaking into their very being, if not, into their soul itself. Offering a lush warmth of corruptive heat to flow through their bodies ? heightening any sense of lust.

 Without forgetting the more sexual nature of the succubus; the lusting secretions of her vaginal passage came with their own risks too. Sticky honey-like fluid is what her body produced, upon contact with the skin a pleasurable rush were likely to be felt. Drawing in potential partner?s with the promise an ecstasy of pleasures. This came with a price however, given the fluids themselves could become addictive to those of weaker will, or those wishing such an effect. Add this onto the corruptive, body-tainting and slow-burning defilement of one?s body from constant exposure to these fluids. It could be a rather large risk to indulge within the succubi's body.

OOC Notes;

Arlani can be a bitch.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human