Race:  Human
Gender:  Female
Build:  Curvacious, sinfully plump.
Hair:  Blonde
Skin:  Pristine white, youthful
Eyes:  Blue
Weight:  Heavyish!
Sexuality:  Lesbian/shemalish wanting!

Description:  Before you stands a woman with a strong build.  She appears quite beautiful, and has an innocent demeanor.  She however holding a symbol of Torm and being one of good law, is not very good at what she does.  Often seen wearing garments that would bring allure of any sort to her.

Her chest is a DD size, more than enough to be tit-fucked or whatnot.  Her nipples almost always seem erect and she can'tseem to help her own feminine needs when they are there.  If excited enough they even begin to lactate.  The poor guardian of good, clearly an easy toy to most, just by how she dresses, often complimenting her own breasts with outfits that niether have a bra, now anything to try and even hide her needs.

The woman's skin is very soft and squishy even, considering her plumpness.  Delilah will tell you her beliefs and what is good and what is not, but what she does, seems to be something entirely different.  She teases others with the sway of her hips, and pinching clothing, to push out her deliciously soft skin.

Her blue eyes look out and about, scanning nearly every woman she sees, only being wary of the demons and devils, though if they are female, even that may lure the do-gooder into a trap of pleasure.  This is a woman who appears to beg for attention.

When she's not looking for women, she's looking for sweets.  It appears she has a weakness for them.  Even the slightest hint of a sweet, can lure this woman into someone's grasp.  She's susceptible to nearly everything, except for men, for some reason.  At one time she might have been a beacon of light for Torm, in an active way, but it's been tarnished by Sinifer.  She can't help herself anymore.

As you might note everything about her suggests sex is what she wants in the end.  If you see her with a skirt on, underneath, is nothing.  She's perhaps a slut of Torm, at this point.

Reds:  Men, scat.

Greens:  Shemales, bondage, herms, females, anal, oral, threesomes, oral, enslavement, public sex(in whispers), seduction, being shared, toys, being used as a toy, name calling, being dominated, so on and so forth.

Whites:  Demons, Horsies, Devils, and corruption!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human