The woman you see almost seems to try and not give away as much - her being a woman, that is. She most often dresses in concealing, thick robes along with a hood to conceal herself, letting only the occasional lock of red hair show from in under it.
From what you can glean of her build when she's in such a garb, she doesn't seem muscular at all, rather so coming across as weak of strenght if the situation would show it. Her movements aren't clumbsy though, seeming dextrous.
Although her usual attire wouldn't pronounce the fact, her shape does give off a large bust and fairly wide hips still.

Without her hood, her countenance shows itself to be pretty enough with slightly plush lips, blue eyes and a fairly shortkept hairfall of red. Overall, she comes across as uncertain and even drawn back, being fairly akward in her relations to either sex.

REDS: Scat, vore, waterplay - others pending

Callie was conceptually a male prior to arriving in Sinfar. She is a female now and always will be.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human