Submissive Human Female

Perhaps your eyes are drawn first to her deep blue eyes or perhaps her beautiful face. Her nose is delicate and small, her jaw line smooth and perfect. Her full deep red lips , contrasting beautifully with her creamy skin. Those lips usually gently curled and parted to give warm open, friendly smile.
Or perhaps your eyes begin a little lower, drawn to her large full bosom. The effect only strengthened as her curvaceous body narrowing to her slim waist and flaring again for her hips. Her firm rounded ass like two plump peaches begging to be squeezed. Her lush figure completed by her long legs and shapely thighs.

Green lights:
Domination, bondage, light punishment and humiliation.

Red lights:
Necrophilia, mutilation and permanent damage or death.

I like variety in RP, always happy to cuddle but loving a firmer hand. Never be afraid to indulge in any special kinks that you enjoy. If it involves humiliation and control I'm almost certain to love it too. And if I don't I'll enjoy that you do, at least when I'm in a submissive role.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human