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Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: Young Adult
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 34-22-32
Tattoos: She has a black "tramp stamp" of a domino mask at the small of her back.

Anyone who used to know her to have black hair might be surprised to note that she now is rather clearly a blonde. Whether or not this is her natural color or if it is dyed will likely never be known. Now, the moniker "Raven" seems to have lost a bit of its meaning, but, nonetheless, that's what she goes by.  

She glances around behind a pair of thin-framed glasses that rest atop a well-shaped nose. She keeps her hair tied into a ponytail that falls just above her shoulders in length.

She's graceful with light musculature, like that of a gymnast, although her somewhat awkward way of carrying herself often masks her more dexterous traits... and some might wonder if her sometimes clumsy and borderline shy mannerisms are just a ruse of some kind.

Her bust isn't the largest in Sinfar, but is by no means small and appears quite natural and proportionate to the rest of her frame. Her stomach is flat and lightly muscled, her hips have a subtle flare, her rear is taut yet still firmly rounded, likely her best feature and often somehow accented by her clothing, whether intentionally or not, and her forearms, biceps, thighs and calves are nicely shaped and sculpted without appearing overly muscular.

Having always lived in cities, she acts much more human than elven, sharing few of the more traditional traits of her kin save for her slightly pointed ears, almond eyes, lithe build and innate abilities. In other words, she's a human in an elf's body.

Possible Skills/Profession(s): Lockpick, thief, scout, con artist, courtesan, bartender, duelist.

REDLIGHTS: perma-death, underage, ooc grief, god gaming, torture, blood or violence during srp, vaginal sex

YELLOWLIGHTS: public sex (while she doesn't necessarily have to be behind lock and key, please take her far from others where it is very unlikely to be walked in on! There are lots of interesting, out of the way places on this server to explore!)

GREENLIGHTS: prefers dominant males, dominant shemales, receiving anal, large partners, monstrous partners, older partners, overweight partners, large insertions (11"-15" or so!), reluctance, "taboo couplings" (orc+elf, dwarf+elf, etc,) humans, gnomes, dockworkers, criminals, thugs, nobles, merchants, other unsavory types, m/m/f, being a temporary and/or discrete pet, double anal, atm, rimming (giving or receiving,) fisting, gaping, being paid or bribed for sex, blackmail, creative locations, being dressed up/down, spanking, lewd, forward and dirty talk, creative and imaginative scenes, dominants, being submissive, being approached, adventures, plots, good rp above all else!

Don't hesitate to send a tell if you want to set up some kind of RP with Raven! Walk-up and tell friendly but please keep tells related to NWN.

Tells can be OOC or IC (as if a note or something had been sent to her, etc.) Her address is not public record but she does own property purchased under an alias. If your character somehow is aware of her address and wants to send mail, it can be sent to Sinifer City Slums, The Royal High Tower #5A.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf