Shania wears a fancy necklace with jewels and a symbol of Sune on it. Furthermore a ring also showing a symbol of Sune which distinguish her as a high priestess and heartwarden of Sune.

Shania is a human woman with a special friendly radiance. Her face is beautiful with sensual full lips, big brown eyes, a small nose and high cheek bones . Her beautiful long blonde hair flows while she moves and her sunkissed skin perfectly fits in the whole appereance.

She has endlessly long legs, which leads into her perfect little behind, round and firm, and an impeccable slim and graceful body. Her waist is waspish and her ample bosom bounces with every step she takes. Her arms are long and slim like her slender hands and long fingers which are crowned with long fingernails.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf