Rothgard Duster

If you are reading this then Rothgard is in your view. There are two things you might see right now, one being a man, dressed in mostly black clothes, the iris of his eyes glow a light orange, which illuminate his, handsome but mostly likely, pissed off looking face, from beneath his black hood. his attire may change a bit, but he is definitely wearing his black metal gauntlets, which are finely crafted and beautifully detailed with the carvings of the wilderness, patterns of leaves make up the bulkiness of the gauntlets with the knuckles equilpped with thorn like spikes, probably with chunks of bloody flesh caught in between. He isn't that tall, standing about Six feet tall, when he isn't slouched in a corner with his arms folded across his broad chest. You'd say he weighs around 185-190 lbs. If by some chance he is naked, you'd notice his body to be almost as beautifully crafted as his gauntlets, every cut and groove contrasted perfectly on his heavily inked body. The tattoo's are done in all black ink aside from the blood red which drips between, they tell a story of death and sacrifice, beautiful naked women and demonic skulls lay along his dark flesh, whoever the artist was, he did a fine job
    - OR . . . You might see a huge black wolf, standing atleast six feet when on all fours, from his head to his massive paws. His thick black mane would glisten red when hit with the right light. And the same piercing orange eyes would narrow when noticing you. Those big carefully crafted spiked gauntlets would be snugg to his front legs fiitting around his paws as if they were made for them. Wherever else Roth' may have been wearing any metal it stay on the wolf during the shift, armoring the wolf, making him look a bit more fierce than he already was, especially when the wolf growled, showing his dripping wet fangs, perhaps 3 inches long each, with deadly canines, that almost shine white.

[ NO LIGHT 4 U!~~
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human