Vixen Gunrunner

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A buxom, tanned foxette with a penchant for gothic style clothing and mischief.

The cliff notes:

-Foxy eyes
-Dyed Hair
-A very Texas style black bull head as a tramp stamp
-Big boobs
-Big ass
-Fit enough
-Lit enough
-Datajack behind her left ear
-For the shadowrunners out there: Active PAN. Secured Network.
-Magically active
-Her preferred partners are primarily beastmen, aliens/aberrations, orcs and black males.

Whites: Breeding, Dicks, Sucking Dick, Dicks in her Ears.
Greens: Vixen prefers messy and rough partners who take charge in the sheets and know what they want. She prefers to be an active sub, rather than a pillow princess, and can be a bit of a powerbottom, if she likes you. She likes being recorded in the act, video and audio alike. She's also pretty much down for any kink from standard BDSM over filth to the strange and obscure fringes. She has a strong oral and cock fixation, which often leads to her pussy doing the thinking for her instead of her brain.
Yellows: Vanilla. Females.
Reds: Having a dick, Receiving cunnilingus, Fedora toting 'nice guys', "Hi, do you want to have a drink? I'm Virgin McAwkward, nice to meet you!", Multiple paragraphs of fingering (*yawn*), The same action ad nauseum with slightly different words, Copy paste ERP, Not giving me time to type. Literally wasting my time.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human