Mika Sardath

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Mika Sardath Baron of the Storms Islands
(heraldry a shield black and white with a lightning in the center)

*Elfar are an elven subrace from Gudjara Setting, there, demigods called Lodhar rules over the elfs and when they mix heir blood with elves they will always have an Elfar. Elfar are under any expect like elfs but:
- They always have white hairs
- They are Immortal (meaning they don?t age, but they may normally die if killed)
- They can?t procreate unless helped by some magical source
- If they procreate they are considered as Elfs
Complete Elfar Name: Mika┬░il Sin'ir

age: 120 year old
eyes: blue
Hairs: Silver
Skin: Pale
height: 148 cm
weight: 45 kg
Attitude: Switch

Mika born as Elfar in his far Homeland Mika has been trained by his childhood to serve in the noble family he was a low member as guardian and ambassador. Traiend in the use of the bow and magic became an Arcane Archer, living his childhood in a golden cage serving his higher ranked pure-blood brother and sister.
Mika is a young White-haired boy, his Pale femminine face hide the true of his male body, a small sized cock that seems so insignificant compared to the huge cocks existing in this lands.

This grown in him a great confusion about himself, a big shyness and a sense of inferiority due to his nature and position in the family status that pushed him to be submissive to the most approaching him.
Searchign to Flee from his destine he left his homeland, passing by magical portals to reach in sinifer lands, where for some years he lived to the edge of the society, alone and always ready, for his nature, to help and serve others, only after beeing approached and adopted by the Sardath Family he became stronger, losing any instinct to become deeply submissive to others. In this period, becoming stronger, he awoke his blood, his ancestors powers sleeping deep inside him slowly come to the surface displaying his natural attitude to the lightning energy that seems to attract him and that now he can manipulate.

Mika is Now is a member of the Sardath Noble Family, Ruler of the Family in the Outer isles he is Baron of the Storm Isles for Concession of the Ambrosia Queen Cinder.

green: submission, piercing, bondage, private humiliations, long term relationship (friendship, romance, lovers)  males, shemales, females, bestiality, beeing approached, watersport, groups, vanilla.

yellow: switch to dom (i can do it wih no problem if i'm in a good mood but don't expect e "strong dom")

Red lights: Death, Dismembrement, Scat,  Blood party, body modifications, slavery (i'm fine with that but the story of this toon taken it out from this kind of relationship), OOC DRAMA.

The godmode is the status where we can rp some non scripted special powers coming by the race or the background factors, you may accept or not that, that?s totally to you, if you don?t accept it you may consider that?s power as illusory tricks.
Mika is a young Stormlord, he can manipulate the lightning, creating a protective aura, discharging strong bolts around himself and call tempests, he can shapechange in lightning to travel faster then usual.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human