Mika Sardath

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Mika Sardath


age: 120 year old
eyes: blue
Hairs: Silver
Skin: Pale
height: 148 cm
weight: 45 kg
Attitude: Switch

Mika is a young White-haired boy, his Pale femminine face hide the true of his male body, a small sized cock that seems so insignificant compared to the huge cocks existing in this lands.

This grown in him a great confusion about himself, a big shyness and a sense of inferiority that push him to be submissive to the most approaching him and act like a girl but after beeing approached and adopted by the Sardath Family he became stronger, losing any instinct to become deeply submissive to others.

Now is a member of the sardath noble Family in Saban, Right Arm of the Family Queen Gabrielle and member of the Dusk Company as rectuiter, more sure about his abilities, finding there new friends and "sisters" that helped him to fight the solitude he sometimes feel deep inside him, He became also an explorer of dungeons and exotic lands.

green: submission, piercing, bondage, private humiliations, long term relationship (friendship, romance, lovers)  males, shemales, females, bestiality, beeing approached, watersport, groups, vanilla.


- switch to dom (i can do it wih no problem if i'm in a good mood but don't expect e "strong dom")

Red lights: Death, Dismembrement, Scat,  Blood party, body modifications, slavery (i'm fine with that but the story of this toon taken it out from this kind of relationship), OOC DRAMA.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human