Maia Fyne

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Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Her silver colored eyes are flecked with the lilac color that they used to be. Often rimmed in black kohl and darkened lashes her eyes are the most striking feature upon her face.  

Lips: Full heart shaped lips stained a deep dark red.

Hair: Straight and Deep Dark Red. It hangs down to her lower back

Complexion: Her complexion is flawless and the kiss of the sun is once again bestowing a healthy tan to her flesh.

Shape: She has a small curvaceous body. Her chest is a perky 34D, followed by a narrow waist, hips that flare out as they should and a round inviting bottom.

Age: 27(appears to be 27)

Race: Human (Dhampir)

Scent: A light, airy, almost effervescent citrus scent twisted with the deep, warm, sensual scent of the cassia and light musk like undertones of helichrysum grace the woman's dark red locks as well as her skin. The scent is never heavy, more an alluring tickle of the senses.

Things You See:

Her fingers are tipped with perfectly painted red nails. This is the only adornment she wears now upon her hands.  

She has numerous piercings, but only two are often visible to others. First is the diamond stud that is in her right nostril and second is the three diamonds that dangle from her navel. The others are only visible if she is naked, which is rare for others to see.

Upon her right hip now lies a beautiful work of art. The mark is what one would call a trinity, the design in itself holds meaning to the woman who wears it.  It has a faint shimmer to it as if diamonds and sapphires were crushed into a powder and added to her flesh, the dark shadowy raven hues of her trinity tattoo smoothly coiling with the shimmering of color. Clearly not a normal tattoo as it seems alive and in tune with the red head who has it.


Maia has a very extensive history that is to be found out through RP. She is unlikely to share her past with most.

Reds: Anything against server rules. Not into bathroom play in the least.  

Greens: Rp, rp and more rp. It takes a lot of trust to get naked and even more to be intimate.

Maia is a charisma based character.

Song: You Don't Own Me - Grace Feat. G-Eazy  

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human