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    xX Basic Info Xx    

Name: Samantha

Height: Shapeshifter (Generally around five to eight feet tall)

Weight: Shapeshifter (Around 140 to 260 pounds depending how tall she is)

Gender: Female (But can morph her body at will)

Race: Half Yuan-Ti Half Black Dragon (More of a Flesh golem/Homunculus as she was made not born)

Build: Shapeshifter, but she tends to make herself fit, yet still keeping a feminine look.

Skin: Green scales that are tiny  that it would be hard to even spot them, and just as smooth as skin to the touch

    xX Basic Description Xx    

Samantha was the creation of a yuan-ti alchemist, which in her design and use was most likely a being to do it's dirty work. With her natural ability to shift her form at will, added with the sight and hearing of a dragon she can truly mimic any voice or person she see or can conjure up in her mind. Though she doesn't seem to have a master or any lurking close by possibly being a artifact from a early age of time. The most impressive feat is her ability to think for oneself and feel emotions or at the very least emulate emotions and their effects. The dead giveaway of the fact if people can sense this is she doesn't have a soul, or can not be detected by sense undead or living.

She does seem to have a favorite form, that being of her original nature of half dragon and half yuan-ti. Samantha looks closer to her yuan-ti half with being covered in dull green scales which are impossible for any normal human being to even notice due to how small they are and feel smooth or if not smoother then normal skin. Her long leathery wings change depending on her size to give her the ability of flight at will. Another ability that can be shown is her ability to stretch to handle blows and possibly turn on her attacker. The last ability she has is a specialized envenomed fangs that would send a target not into pain, death, or paralysis... but would ignore any sort of pain one would normally feel and intensify pleasure, making her remove a target without a scream as their muscled would be to relaxed to move their lips.

In her most common form she takes she is impressive to look at no matter what size she chooses to stand at, Her Ebony dragon horns and Jet black locks of hair gleam in the light showing off the good  treatment she takes of the both. The gaze of her eyes would catch most off guard due to her generally kind demeanor with her ruby red iris matching with usual smirk or smile from those cherry red lips and black locks it's the perfect mix of danger and beauty mixed together, betrayed only by her kindhearted personality. The last info to give to her face region is her forked tongue she might poke out to hiss softly, leaving a lingering sensation of delight in it's generally soft tone and often to show some fort of delight from her.

Going down lower from her head her body would seem to be sculpted both for beauty and strength, being muscled just perfectly with well toned abs and thighs she looked like she could run a marathon at will, but with her femininity not being denied with her long running legs smooth to the touch running up to her nicely plump bubble but rear in a nice heart form shape jiggling about if not covered or in a tight attire. Also above from her abs are generally her overly but nicely plump DDD to F cups depending on how tall she jiggling about in the same rhythm as her rear if walking or sagging just a nice healthy bit with the help of her muscled build to keep them up a bit and her back from pain (also being a construct helps!). Her legs are long running and nicely muscled long model like legs taking nice long strides at each step, and her arms flexible and muscled perfectly not to betray her famine charms but still looks like she could kick someones ass if she desired too.

        xX Abilities Xx

 -At will
 -Allows her to change her form to entire species type form humanoid to dragon, adjust her current bodies appearance, size, form, and make her stretch to handle anything.

Venomous Fangs
 -At will (Her fangs will be dripping a clear fluid if they're venomous)
 - Causes muscle relaxation, and intensification of pleasure (It also makes it hard to scream due to the muscle relaxation, more muffled moans would escaped her prey's lips)

 - Has the spell like ability of tongue which allows her to understand and speak the language of those around her from animals to complex dialect, this will not allow her to understand any language purely made of physical gestures like sign language.

xX Lights Xx

 -Cervix Penetration
 -Monsterous/Beast like creatures
 -Massive/Multiple Insertions
 -Change of power (She enjoys doing more then just laying back and taking it)

 -Any Gender (slight prefrence to ones with male genitilia but doesn't mind dominating)
 -Public Sex (In whispers or talk if those around don't mind)
 -Clothed Sex

 -Anything Permanent without approval (Duh)

        xX Fin Xx

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human