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Elliot, the Cyborg Reptoid

Before you stand a rather strange creature made of even stranger materials. From the smooth rubber to the hard casing of plasteel, this creature seemed to be purely articificial. A visor adorned its snout, from each appearance various informational cues. Through it, one could easily see two bright digital eyes. Judging its behavior, it clearly was a well designed construct with a mind of its own and emotions. In fact, one could wonder if Elliot was truly a construct. Sometimes, its eyes would turn into various expressions... It would even provide people with blushes and other amusing digital facial expressions.

As for its gender.. Well, judging its groin, the creature seemed to be neuter but considering how it could distach its arms, legs and even head, something tells you that it wasn't always the case, however.

Each parts of its body has the code "E11 I07" written on them.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human