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Sakura is about 5'4" tall, currently having long forest-green hair of which two matching furred fox ears poke out from the top of her head, in place of where human ears might have been at her sides, and a color-matching fluffy tail coming out from her spine.  Tied in her hair is a large blue-colored bow, which effectively divides her hair into three parts, tied together in locks.  Despite being as short as she is, and her body fit for athleticism, she does have considerable curves, D-cups on a human and a well-rounded bottom.

If viewed in True-Seeing, Sakura appears as a green fox with two tails.

Sakura seems of a happy-go-lucky, outgoing disposition, usually the first to speak her mind, and embracing the whole carpe diem mindset. It's hard to imagine that just a short time ago, she was known to most as a shy, soft-spoken wallflower.

Misc Data

Species: Kitsune (Fox Spirit), Forest-aspect
Sex: Female 100%
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: In a semi-open relationship
Reds: Perma-Death, Gore, Vore, Mutilation, Pain, Scat, Urination, Anal play of any type, OOC drama, Blank bios while actively RPing, sex with shemales/herms (character-specific, RP is fine)
Yellows: Pregnancy, Perma-Change
Greens: Almost everything else. I'm pretty open, all things considered! Though ask me if you think it is 'edgy'.

Addendum: While it does not bar you from RPing with me, I'd very much appreciate it if you tried your best to use good English!
Player:Zeph the Ray of Sunshine
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human