There's a darkness to the slim redhead, the shadows just a touch deeper round her.  To an acute observer they might seem to almost cling giving her a suspicious untrustworthy appearance.  She's pretty enough if you can get past that, though hardly worth turning your head in a place like Sinfar.  In fact she'd be easy enough to miss in a crowd, the quiet type that fades into the background.

Pretty then, not beautiful, petite and at first glance delicate.  A closer look might see the flexibility and endurance, she doesn't seem physically strong but she's clearly an active person, athletic.  There's a faded scar between her breasts but it'd be covered by her clothes generally.   That would be the only sign of scaring though suggesting skilled magical healing if she'd had any other serious injury.  Her skin is quite pale suggesting she doesn't get enough sun and showing up any bruises she collects dramatically.  On occasion a shadowed glimmer in her eyes suggests darker longings but perhaps that's just in the observer's imagination.

Six silver rings would be obvious unless otherwise covered, two sets of three piercings on either side of her throat.  The rings were linked by a black silk ribbon making a criss-crossing lace across her throat and tied with a carefully neat bow.

Usually she dresses in reds and blacks though the flowing silks have recently given way to more fitted boots, tunics and tight leather.  She typically wears two swords the length of her forearm tucked behind her back, not the easiest place for her to draw them but they wouldn't tangle her legs or catch easily.

//I've played Tess a bit and she has some history, her actions are generally a result of things happening elsewhere in her life and as a result may not always be fun and sunshine.  That said OOC I try to be friendly and I think I am most of the time, so if you want to send a tell to say hi or get more detail on anything feel free - if I'm slow to answer I'm probably just trying to keep up with some RP.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human