The shadows seem to wrap round this slim redhead caressing her with a dark mystery.  In darker surroundings they nearly envelop her leaving only an impressing of her shape and the occasional glimpse of limbs or even features but even in brightr lighting her figure is  outlined in a deeper shadown than seems natural.
The mysterious shifting darkness seems to make her appear untrustworthy almost inviting accusations, while the occassional glimmer in her eyes suggesting dark longings, thorugh wheather they truly exist or what they might be remains unclear.
If seen more of less clearly this redhead has a slim figure, usually wearing flowing silks in dark shades.   She commonly wears two swords, both about the length of her forearm straped hilt down across the small of her back. If her clothing is sufficiently skimpy it is possible to see a scar running down between her breasts.
//Mostly friendly most of the time, send me a tell if you need more information ^^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human