Aliki Morsys

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A human woman in her twenties, around five feet tall, with a slight, waifish build. She's stick-thin and boney, lacking much in the way of visible muscle definition or other signs of athletic pursuit. Her features are angular, with a pale, almost bloodless complexion. She looks like she sleeps infrequently, often having dark circles around her eyes and other visible signs of prolonged fatigue, lessening her natural beauty.

She near-exclusively wears clothes in dark colours, doing little to aid the appearance of her pale skin. Her outfits tend towards the formal, well-tailored from expensive materials, and often adorned with a myriad of small brooches, in a variety of designs. Her slight frame is often draped in a heavy, midnight-black cloak that keeps the weather at bay, clasped with a small silver skull.

Pouches hang from her belt, containing an assortment of dusts, potions and trinkets, including one that appears to be full of knuckle bones. She wears three rings on each hand, each one a silver band adorned with a runic symbol. A knife is worn at the small of her back, blade and hilt alike carved from the bones of some large creature, much-dented and aged to a dark brown.

Reds: Scat, extreme gore, rape.

Greens: RP.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf