Alexias Fallows

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 Alexias Fallows, occasionally known by her simplified name of Alex, stands at a height of roughly five feet and four inches tall. Her hair usually would extend towards the middle of her back, but is often styled in a neatly pulled together bun. It is an ombrée style, with darker red strands blended into the tips of her locks and graduated into her natural black color. She wears a modest use of makeup to highlight and enhance her charismatic, comely appearance. Her other facial features include the possession of purple-gray eyes, and slightly tipped ears which hint to a deluded elven bloodline.

 While her body gives her the appearance of a shorter woman, she has the features of a working woman; her feminine physique lightly toned with muscle in the appropriate places. Her larger breasts are prominent and offer that distinct feminine curve, often hugged together by the snug embrace of her outfit. Her legs are thin and lithe, partnered with the gently tight firmness of an exercised rear. She has petite and pretty feet, often painted when her footwear allows them to be on display. She bares the pleasantly modest scent of minty sweets about her. Her tendency to favor the delicacy of flavored hard candies often adds the slight rattle to her teeth and occasional interruption to the softness of her voice; speaking in a trifling Hispanic-like accent.

 Among her possessions she often has a sheathed longsword at her hip and a modern display of wealth or jewelry. Pendants and inscriptions marking many of these artifacts include symbols and tributes to a number of faiths, namely: Waukeen, Tymora, Mystra, and Savras.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human