Elisae Sidhel

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  Elisae appears to be a short elf with discreet silvery-white roots and bright blonde dyed locks of hair dangling wildly from her scalp; her height only reaching up to just a little over four and a half feet tall. She possesses icey-blue eyes and a lithe physique, yet her body is still toned with muscle and other hints to her physical strength and prowess. Recently, a design of three lines can be frequently seen painted next to the outside corner of her left eye, waving motions of a simple runic artwork bearing some sort of symbolic reference to the wind. Her voice carries a soft tone, yet thickened with her heavy Thalasean accent.

She usually is dressed in darker apparel and cooler shades of blue or gray that compliment her appearance; skin-tight garments that hug and secure her larger bust and enhance the features of her shapely, tight elven butt.
Player:You Point, I Pokeball
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human