Aphiel Sielyr Cassielah

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         -{Aphiel Sielyr Cassielah}-


The Physicals:

Height: Seven Feet, Three Inches.
Weight: Two Hundred Thirty Five Pounds.
Hair Color: Ashen Silk with Crimson Tints.
Eye Color: Bright, Sparkling Ruby.
Wing Color: Jet with Crimson Streams.
Sex: Shemale.

Race: Fallen Astral Deva.(Erinyes)
Original Home Plane: Celestia.
Current Home Plane: Phlegethos.

Siblings: Shaphiesae Eniel Cassielah, Sister.



Much like her sister, Aphiel's face is composed of sharp features.  Her features are darker, and more pronounced than those of her sister.  The light that was the radiance of her flesh replaced by a seething, yet alluring fire of sorts.  Aphiel's ears are much more pointed than those of her sister, but function much the same.  A deviously knit brow brings a valley between the curves of her forehead.  Ashen bangs of strewn silk decorate over the smooth surface almost always.  When her bangs are not hanging over her eyes, they are tucked behind her left ear.  The devil's nose, her chin, her cheekbones, and her jawline were all very sharply stretched over by the smooth tightness of her darkly tanned flesh.  The devil's eyes burned of lasered, ruby fire, and her plump, plush crimson painted lips almost always held a pouty allure of twitchy prowess over the expression she nearly always wore over her facial features.  Aphiel's mane was long, and very well cared for, and was almost always scented a sweetness that resembled a vanilla hinted rose of sorts.  Not a scar was visible upon her face, or her neck.

[Waist & Up]:

Aphiel's body was toned, but at the same time her figure was incredibly curvy.  Sharp angles dipped downwards into sultry valleys before rising up to crest over tightly curved swells in rolling out into the plumper feminine features.  Hips that were full, rounded to a honed curve, and softness, but beneath the thin padded layer of smoothness was the mass of her muscled form.  Abs of tight power, but at the same time retaining the alluring female features.  The muscles here bulged out only when she was crunching her body tightly for whatever reason may be required.  Powerful shoulders, equally curved in a mixture of muscle mass combined with soft feminine padding.  The same could be said in regards to her arms.  The surfaces of her right arm were almost entirely decorated in fiery inkings of red, and orangish yellow flickered licks.  Talons were long, incredibly sharp, and painted a bright glossy black.  Aphiel's back was completely overshadowed in it's prowess by her massive wings.  Sixteen foot spread, jet feathered with streamed lines of crimson decorations along random patterns on both the top, and undersides.  The edged feathers were not actually much feathers at all.  So stiff, so sharp, that she could literally slice many surfaces with a carefully aimed slash of a wing is she so desired.  Lastly, her bust.  The bloated breast masses sat high upon her chest.  Firm, but with respect to gravity in all forms of the word..  Persistently rocky nipples poking through her top almost always.  She also almost always wore something that crushed her middle inwards, and up towards the sky so that her bust was presented in a pair of heavy, tightly cleaved bubbles that bounced, and jiggled with her every movement.

[Waist & Down]

Aphiel's Waist was slim, curvy, tight, and extremely powerful.  The curves of those hips roared out to just slightly overtake the lateral reaches of her bustline above bringing together her hourglassed features.  The devil's ass was extremely heavy, and there was not only the muscle there to bubble those cheeks up plenty; but, that feminine cushion of soft padding only came to add even more curve to that backside.  Due to the large form of her rear end, she almost always wore something to either thong the bubbles in freedom, or laced captivity; or, a pair of choice pants that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.  The same was true for her frontside as well, her garments almost always left very little to the imagination.  Between the powerful pillars of her thighs held an incredibly heavy cock's bulge.  She was no longer the angel that she used to be, and she was a sultry seductress now, using her body to get what she wanted, never thinking twice about that fact, acting before a thought even.  She may have appeared well refined on the outside, but inside, nothing but pure sin.  Her entire lack of undergarments showed for that.  The only time she ever wore such would be when she did so as her outfit in general.  Knees, ankles, calves, and feet all proportionally muscled, soft, and smooth to the touch.  Aphiel's lower limbs were dexterous, and powerful at the same time, while giving her the allure of those feminine features.  Toenails pointed, and painted ruby red in contrast to her talons.  Aphiel had no tail, and no horns to speak of most of the time, however it could happen if she wished it.  She also did not care for the hooved approach in regards to the form of her legs.  Not impossible, just not likely.


Unlike her divine sister, Aphiel did not engage in combat directly.  Instead, she carried a bow.  This was an INCREDIBLY ornate piece.  String of steel, and stretch of recurved ashen oak.  The shaft of the bow, the grip, and the flat surfaces were all very heavily decorated, and enchanted with arcane runes.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human