Ticcia Lynn Quall

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Elven name is Tiz'arai Lyn'nara
Height  5' 4"
Eyes: Night sky black, golden glinted pupils
Body type  Vish with a hint of belly flab
Scent:  Hazelnut mixed with freshly cut cedar
Speaks with slight rasp

" I am, therefore I think "

Simple minded with a mix of complexity and confusion.

Semi deaf in her right ear.  Her right thumb is maimed.  A remaining scar from a spider bite on her left calf.

She like meeting new arrivals to the isles.

She is maturely aged
Scents, sounds, atmosphere, names, aesthetics, personality, have effect  (when i remember to rp them >,<  ) very important
Has several crushes, some are know, some are secret
Analytical, Objective, Philosophical, and Scientific
She can be serious, playful, desiours, aloof, hesitan, deliberate, flustered.
She doesn't like being pressured.  
The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live

Well manicured nails painted in with a variety of colors, swirls, speckles, stripes, with gold letters on each, T-I-G-G-(maimed thumb).....Q-U-A-L-L

I prefer a feast of friends to the giant family

Tell freindly
In the process of rewriting.  Clik me to find out more

G:The Feminine Mystique
Vanilla, Kisses, Petting,  etc.  Other girls who like the same...Romance...Affection:...Elves/Half-Elfs/Humans
Kitsunes, Wings, Catish types  ;)  ,
Water, Dancing, Conversation, Chocolate, Fashion and Theoretical Physics....plus

Y: Push my button see what happens ;)  

R: Of course the server rules
Gross stuff...Weird stuff...That should cover everything...and Jerky playersExpected sex!

I swear on my life, and love of it, I will never live for the sake of another, nor will I ask another to live for mine.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human