Tiz'arai Lyn'nara

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ReWorking In process,  Absolutely the Common reds.    Can Find out Green through Rp  

Ticcia is Ticcia as A is A

Elven name is Tiz'arai Lyn'nara
Height around 5' 4"
She has slight rasp in her voice when she speaks  Similar to Norah Jones
Semi deaf in her righ ear.  Her right thumb maimed.  She has a circular scar on her left calf.  
Her skin has a subtle blended musky scent of burnt cedar and  vanilla

A maturely aged human elveness  blend.  She's been with the islands for several years, and has had a varied and eventful life

She likes socializing, companionship, and intriguing conversation.

Can be serious, playful, deliberat, aloof, assured, and flustered

ion makes r.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human