Arawinla Nys'Dominasa

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Age: A good few hundred years old. Lost count.
Race: Born fey'ri. Descended to full demonhood a number of years ago through rituals.

More humanoid form: A half succubus shapeshifter, common around these parts. Standing only at about 5'3", she wasn't a very imposing woman, at least physically. Though Ara is a bit uncommon even among her peers. Stark, snow white hair adorning her head and sprouting out through her locks, two slightly curled horns. She had bright, intelligent blue eyes, and a cute little nose, beneath those, a pair of plump, ruby lips. Her style of dress ranged anywhere from classy and fully covered to completely nude. Her body was well formed, if a bit heavier than most around. She was a bit plump, and she wasn't afraid to show it or deny it. It did give her lovely, lush natural breasts and a large, spankable rear after all. She often went more natural with her body's appearance anyways, often going unshaved. She was a shapeshifter however, and that was subject to change at any given moment. A slightly pudgy demon tail swished from her tailbone, ending in a blunted spaded tip. Other than that, she looked like a normal humanoid.

True form: Standing just over six feet tall, Ara was an imposing figure in her true form. Her appearance was rather similar to her more human form, though her skin was more gray and ashen, her eyes gold, and she had an extra pair of horns. It wasn't uncommon for Ara to have a pair of black, oozing 'wings' in this form. In reality though, the wings were just a tangled bunch of tentacles coming from her back, dribbling heavily with thick, sludgy, greasy black gunk that smelled of musk and sweat. Moving down, Ara's lower legs and feet were covered in thick, greasy fur, which led to padded feline feet.

It isn't uncommon for Ara to take the form of a catling, the half demon seeming to love cats the most out of most domesticated animals. In this form, she'd be completely covered head to toe in white fur and would have more feline features on her face, ears, hands, feet and tail. She often seemed to get a bit heavier and shorter in this form too.

// Greens are juuuust about everything. Favorites include nastiness, transmutations, and unique kinks. Reds are pretty much no gore/heavy violence. Very tell friendly. Oh, and she's a switch, willing to take any role.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human