Arawinla Nys'Dominasa

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Age: A good few hundred years old. Lost count.
Race: Ooze Demon.
Aspects: Sloth and Gluttony

Typical Humanoid Form: White hair, black horns, black eyes with pits of pink or blue, depending on the day. A plush, plump body that had curves, and not just some hourglass. She had a soft belly, a bit of fat on her limbs, a jiggly ass, weighty and naturally drooping tits. The works. Her horns looked greasy and oily, so did her lips. Triangular smears of the same oily substance are under her eyes. Even on her nails. Genitals are dependent on the mood.

True form: Secret! Not really. Ara's true form is that of a massive black pile of sludgy goo.

// Greens are juuuust about everything. Favorites include nastiness, transmutations, and unique kinks. Reds are pretty much no gore/heavy violence. Very tell friendly. Oh, and she's a switch, willing to take any role.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human