Important info Ic:
Disposition: Dominant
Race: Half Hell Hound
Sex: Straight
Gender: Male
Fur: Red
Skin: Red Tinted

When you summon this half hell hound, it's quite apparent that he is looking for a contract. A warm smile, greedy, lustful eyes, and even sharply dressed, or lack there of. These seems to be his way to entice female mages to form these onesided deals.

Other than the natural body heat of a hell hound, he has a natural aphrodisiac musk.

Thus is half hell hound. While not as strong as a pure hounds, his sense of smell is far stronger than a humans, as is his hearing.

He is also able to alter his physical appearance with magic. Though he doesn't like to alter his physical looks, he does use body minipulation to enable him to do various forms of things. From increasing his virility or a victems fertility to adding more cocks to him. Even enhancing other body parts.

His seed by default is strong enough to make most contraceptives work for the money that his partner paid. Othertimes they'll by pass the contraceptive entirely. Making him more suited as a breeder lust demon rather than a combative one. This is due to him being a broodfather. If using dice, please remember to add to his result or make the success rate a broader section.

He is also able to collect the lust of anyone around him as long as they're doing the deed. Be it rape, concentual, or just enjoying a heavy brew, anything that creates lust he can collect. This won't hurt a prey's libido, as it usually returns after a good rest.

OOC Note: How much it affects your character is up to you. If you want a dice role, it's a ment to be challenging to all levels.

Lights (Got to love them):
Gay, Gay acts, toilet play, perma anything without ooc concent, Death, dismemberment, I hold the right to change my reds and greens. Oh, and anything against the rule.

I'll keep it simple: Anything not in red. Again, I still hold the right to change my greens as well. And yellows if any comes up.

Gender (Visually):
Race (Visually):
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown