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Race: Human/Red Half Dragon
Gender: Female
Skin: A light bronze with missing scales, but smooth skin.
Hair: A dazzling Ruby Red
Height: Around 5'9
Bust: Large F cup breasts that have large nipples, and are very soft to the touch.
Eyes: Blue eyes like the color of the sky that seem to have a fiesty glint to them.

Rennia seems to have changed since the past when she was captured by the one she had trusted the most. The piercings such a torment upon her body in the past in such cruelty that had be applied to her and pierced her body are no longer there and have  gradually healed to reveal a few scars on her ear and body. Her sky blue eyes seem as sharp as before, looking around at the world with the same mischievous gaze as if promising pleasures to those who catch her eye, and hinting at a fiery temper if angered.

She still always seems up for a fight if driven to it having a slightly stubborn nature that comes from her half dragon blood. Her hair streaming behind her head is silken to the touch, with thick strands, and always seems to be well cared for from how she keeps the hair always flowing down her neck.  Her lips are full, slightly plump, and normally coated in red lipstick. Her scales seemed to have not come back yet but the skin underneath is as smooth as can be. Therefore, anyone who brushed his or her fingers along her soft skin would feel a touch like silk.

If one was to sense magical energy around her they would detect that she is now fully in control of her magical power. Although, many changes have taken place on her lovely body to seemingly help define her feminine form whether from magic or other causes one does not know. Along the back of her legs, a lovely tattoo of a fierce red dragon twines down the length of leg outlined in black and red.
Her body seems curvier than before, as if to enhance her womanly form.

Her bust is still full and a remarkable sight jutting out in front of her in large voluptuous mounds, or tightly constrained in a tight fitting top. Although, her breasts would still seem if she took pride in them and were a proud statement to everyone she walks past. If one were to grasp that breast in her fingers, they would find the flesh to be easily malleable and soft to the touch. A pleasure to tease and toy with if one was to get her to allow them that right. Also, if ever her top was taken off one would see her large mounds and large perky nipples, almost ready to be squeezed between two fingers.

Her womanhood if one was to gaze upon those soft pink folds would be tight and welcoming, as if ready for whatever was ready to take the plunge into those moist folds. If one was able to get her aroused they might smell a sweet scent coming from her, which would smell pleasurable to most. Her legs seem to be the right proportions for her form, strong and curvy as a hint of her new changes.  

Her clothing seems to change on a whim from being grand, to risqué all seeming to follow her mood for the day. Along her belt are normally pouches filled to the brim with either books, or other magical items that she chooses to take with her. If one were to gaze behind her, they would see a sensual tight tush greeting their view, and seems to sway as she walks.
She seems to hold true to her draconic nature, of not enjoying being in crowds as she would try to converse with most alone, or excuse herself politely if the numbers got to great for her. Although, one never knows how she might change or what her future holds.


Reds: Scat/ Toilet play / Anal / Piss

Cocks it all depends on Rennia's mood and how she is feeling at time. She 95% of the time will never get one, although she is a sorceress, and she will refuse 90% of the time.

Pretty much anything else will tell you if I don't like anything.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human