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Description :
Full Name : Talon "Aquilario" of Astria
Gender : Male
Age : He seems to be around thirty
Height : He rounds out to be an even 1m95 (6 feet and 4.7 inches)
Weight : Two hundred pounds of solid warrior physique
Hair : Medium lengthed, and charcoal in hue
Eyes : a peerless green hue that would pierce and perhaps tempt
Sexuality : straight

Build : Manly with a fine defined muscular frame. He is well shaved with a smart hair cut ... however he also has a slightly roguish appearance sometimes.

Apperance :

This young man looks like a perfectly sculpted human warrior.
To start off with the top, his hair is a dark shade of charcoal which
flows a bit down in the back of his neck , framing his chiseled jawline.
His eyes look at you with an engaging, interested gaze and are noticably of a green emerald.
Precisely 6 feet and 4.7 inches in height, Talon likes to keep himself constantly robed in comfortable clothes.
It would be obvious to the one viewing that is body was sculpted for combat eventough if he doesn't like fighting. His broad shoulders give way to his massive biceps, and equally toned forearms.

Inwards from his shoulders, you would see his large, firm pectoral muscles leading to a masterfully built abdomen.

Straying away from his upper body, one would perhaps gaze on his lower regions. Close inspection of that area would lead to the discovery of a firmly and impressive bulge that extends down his legs, even through his pants. if there ever was a question about his gender, his noticable male organ should end them in theory.

Lights :

Red : Permanent death or mutilation, all stuff against server's rules.

Yellow : Depending on my mood.

Green : To discover, Talon and the player are open-minded.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human