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      ~+~ RP to find out more ~+~

Defined, statuesque, hard, hairless and smooth as marble.
Slender of build aside from his broad shoulders. A tall stature of a gentleman whom walks with a dancer's assured stride.

6 foot

Often could be seen as a statue if un-animated, though carries a charming and kind demeanor. Bold  brow structure, slight raised cheekbones, sensual mouth, with a strong jawline and a slightly pointed chin. His mouth is soft and inviting with very white teeth. Blue eyes often gentle at the same time otherworldly if one stares at them too long.

Finger nails are short and clean. Amazingly long and delicate fingers which only his middle and index are adorned with a ring. One can correctly assume neither of such rings symbolize a marriage.  

---Rp to learn the layers of this one--

Slept so Long

--------- The fun stuff ----------

 I love to Role play. Player loves the subtleties and thick immersion even if its short RP. Often short terms arch into long terms over time. So don't be shy.

ERP wise, whilst he is not sexually attracted to men, Jase is fond of MFM, FFM, MMFF, MMMMFFFFF, FFFFFFF, and often directs it all, but this is all so much richer if you learn ICly.  

A little naughty tid bit of a fact here, the more IC focused - the better, it turns me on.

Reds- lack immersion or consequences. If your a social ladder climber oocly and it bleeds pathetically IC..Its the fastest way for me to avoid your ass  .

There are many layers of this char as I hope the same is of yours

Approach, it wont hurt your pride too much VvvV

Player:Story of O
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human