Amanda Fury

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Broad shouldered, athletic, and well toned with supple muscle, she's certainly not a frail lightweight. Although sturdily built, her frame still manages to retain an appealing femininity, if not overly curvy. Her breasts are a moderate size, naturally firm and round, high on her chest. Her taught waistline tapers out to gently curved hips and butt, which extend to defined, shapely thighs and calves.

An attractive, heart shaped face sits atop a long, strong neck. High, sharp cheekbones, large, green eyes, and a somewhat pointed chin make her features appear almost fey-like. All framed in a mane of tousled, auburn hair crowning her head.

Her skin shimmers subtlety, as if she'd been misted with water. Up close, however tiny, iridescent scales can be made out covering her flesh. With the Exception of her left arm, which appears to be made entirely of metal.

When she speaks, she has a soft 'southern belle' drawl, mixed in with rough 'commoners' speech.

The observant might note that, along with a pair of daggers, she has a pistol tucked into the back of her belt.


OOC communication attempts to find out private information (e-mail, MSN, etc.), Controlling characters actions/opinions (god-moding), or taking a short-cut to find out the characters personality, likes/dislikes (meta-gaming/laziness) will be ignored.

Role Play and find out what the character's like.

One thing I am going to make clear: If you (the player) approach my character with only sexual intentions in mind, you will likely be met with disappointment. If sexual RP is the -only- RP you're interested in, please do not waste your time on my characters. Thank you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human