[French and English]


Se dresse devant vous une impréssionante créature, à mi-chemin entre une huamine et un centaure.
Une chevelure rousse, un visage amical et ses courbes fémine sont son coté Humaine.
Grande, des épaules large, sa façon de s'habiller ainsi que des muscles saillant sont principalement son coté Centaure.

Sa carrure lui permet d'éviter bien des soucis mais qu'en est il de vous ?


Standing before you, an impressive creature, halfway between a Human and a Centaur.
A red hair, a friendly face and feminine curves are her Human side.
She is tall and have broad shoulders, her way of dressing as well as salient muscles are mainly her Centaur side.

Her build allows her to avoid many worries but what about you ?


!!!! Eriana is a open mind 100% Dom Horsedick Girl !!!!

Reds: Males, Scato, Heavy Vore/Gore, be Sub

Yellow: Vaginal, dick girls, vore, gore, toilet play

Greens: Zoo, Rough, Oversized dick, be Dom, manipulation, deepthroat, anal, cum play,Cumflation, Deformation, Large insertion, Mind break, Mindcontrole, , Skinny/Tiny girls, Scent play, Spitroast/All the way through, and many other things, just ask ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human