Noniakadi 'Alice' Scelest

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"A machine is like a desert. Either it fascinates or appalls you."

~ Wilfrid Noyce,
The Springs of Adventure.

- * -
Alice is a treasure hunter, seeking out unusual gems to make her friends.
Quality conversation unlocks the door and for a few, so much more.  The harder she tries to be normal, the less she is.

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Name: Noniakadi "Alice" Scelest
Age: Appears 20
Apparent Race: Kitsune
Actual Race: Symbiotic Goo-Girl
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Futa)
Physique: Busty, fit, petite
Height: Usually very to kinda short
Weight: Not much
Skin Tone: Pale as snow
Eyes: Dark violet
Hair: Purply-Pinkish.. Pinkish-Purple?
Tail: White tinged with pink, fluffy
Scent: Burnt cinnamon
Accent: Imperious
Telepathic: Mildly
Current Occupation: Weatherminder

- * -
Pale, lithe and with a graceful nature to her movements, Alice's narrow waist and short stature only serve to enhance the already abundant expanse of her chest.  Standing anywhere from 3'9" to 5'0" depending on her mood, yet sporting a massive bust ranging from a bouncing DD to a barely constrained F-cup.. with a bubbly, delightfully grippable ass to match, Alice is a petite wet dream to many and clearly knows it, taking every chance to wear clinging clothes that leave less than more to the imagination.. while, usually, still managing to conceal her alabaster naughty bits, but for the plunging neckline hugging her deep cleavage.

Hiding behind stray strands of brightly dyed pinkish hair - well, she insists its pink, despite her natural dark purple showing through more or less depending on the day - her eyes are a deep violet edging on black, giving her pupils a wide, false sense of innocence as they're ever shifting from face to face, searching.. and occasionally flickering with an inner light.  Upon finding someone's own eyes upon her she'd oft find herself unconsciously pushing back unkempt hair behind one pointed ear, perking up as she responds with a pleased grin full of sharp, pointed teeth and a wink.  When she speaks it is with a refined tongue, educated both prim and proper, a light lilt lending her usually impishly amused voice a tone of noble imperiousness.. at least when she isn't stuttering, her cheeks stained with a pink blush from the latest lewd thing whispered in her ear.

Although she lacks a noticeable heartbeat when pulled close, outwardly Alice would otherwise seem just what she appears to be - a petite foxgirl, if a particularly pale one.  Breathing and bleeding, feeling and fornicating, Alice is as warm and vibrant with life as any - aspects of her inorganic nature only revealing themselves to those truly close to her, or under the most careful of scrutiny.  

Few, however, get close enough.  For all her cheery friendliness and flirtatious nature, Alice tends to at least try to keep her clothes on, a sense of caution lurking beneath her every evasion.

Though sometimes she pretends otherwise-  its often easy enough to discern what manner of creature Alice's host once was - the telltale ears and excessively fluffy, white with pink tinge tail giving away her nature.  Looking closer, the kitsune's tail would tend to cause a headache-inducing kaleidoscope of shifting patterns on the ground behind her every time it sways this way or that, its multitude of shadows crisscrossing and blurring against one-another, no two seeming to move in time to the others, each shade a bit less defined than the last.

True Seeing
- * -
If staring at her tail doesn't cause a headache, looking at her closely with true seeing certainly would do the trick.  Send a tell if curious!

- * -
Alice is a natural shapeshifter and just starting to get the hang of it.  Sometimes her appearance may subtly change as she tries out new things.

One transmogrification Alice hadn't expected was growing a throbbing, nine inch futacock where once her delicate little pleasure button had been.  Veined with faintly glowing corruption, she hasn't quite gotten the hang of keeping it from stiffening beneath her skirts at the slightest provocation.  This has kept Alice reliably pink in the cheeks as she blushes and tries to stand are various odd angles to reduce the chance anyone might notice this new condition she hadn't yet found a way to shapeshift out of..

- * -
Orientation: Bisexual, female preference.
Disposition: Switch

Roleplay and conversation!
Alice will follow where the roleplay leads and is open to a wide variety of things depending on the rp.

Walk-ups are welcome, but long-term friendships, relationships and kinky romance is always a plus.

Alice enjoys a wide range of things including oral, lactation, incest, (risk of) impregnation, breeding, beasts, monsters, tentacles, D/s relationships and all manner of other things - its all down to character chemistry!

Players that confuse height with age.
Bathroom stuff.
OOC rudeness.
Pedos & creeps.
Things against the rules obviously.
Other usual things.

The detailed lewd-list:



Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human