Irae Maeviir

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Name: Irae Maeviir
Race: Drow
Height: 6'
Weight: Light, like most elves
Skin: Black
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson, sometimes they glow
Age: Almost 300 years old
Gender: Female
House: Maeviir
House Rank: Matron Mother
House Colors: Black & Mystic Purple
House Status: Inactive

Irae is a drowess of noble birth, and this is shown in her height, being taller than most drows, and even some short humans. She tends to dress in the most elegant dresses and expensive silks she can afford. Once the ruler of an entire city, Irae now enjoys her life on the surface, away from conspiracies and assassination plots.

Irae's eyes tend to examine the females that get close enough to her. Even though she no longer enjoys her noble and decadent lifestyle she hasn't lost a bit of her desire to dominate those she considers inferior to her.

Her face has soft features, its possible she was once a true beauty to behold, but the passing of time (even for a drowess) and the stress to which she was under while ruling Udossta K'lar has taken its toll. Thankfully she still has enough beauty to be considered quite attractive by most people. She seems to favor dark purple lipstick, which seem to match the colors of all the clothes she wears.

For those she decides to reveal herself, Irae is quite a sight, her body is light but those touching her would notice there are some hard muscles under the smooth skin. Having been a blackguard of Lolth for many decades during her youth her body is not an outsider to hard physical work and training. However, it has been long since Irae used to be a mighty warrior and the once heavy body recovered its feminine shape. Her skin is kept in a pristine state, no scars or tattoos adorn it.

    ~~~~~~ Hin form ~~~~~~

Height: 3' 4''

At first glance this halfling appears to be nothing more than a small version of a drow. Skin black as coal, white hair, and crimson eyes staring back at you slightly annoyed by your attempt to examine her.

Those who know Irae Maeviir while she was a normal sized drow will clearly recognize her in this new shape.

While trying to research a potion to give her hin lover a temporary elven shape and size an accident occurred in her laboratory. After waking up Irae found herself trapped in a hin shape. With the explosion most of her work was burnt to ash including the formula used to make the potion.

With most of her powers gone, Irae tried desperately to recover her normal shape. Eventually she managed to find an antidote to restore her original shape. In the process she also replicated the initial formula and improved it. Now Irae is able to change her size with just a small vial of the formula. However due to the rarity and expenses of the reagents needed to make them she usually stays in one form or the other for several days.

UPDATE: Irae now uses a size altering ring to change her size allowing her to do so more often and without the need to carry different sets of clothing for each form.

(This character is meant for Social RP, although I do not discard engaging in PvP, such a thing will not be the first option when provoked)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human