Medri Maeviir

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Name: Medri Maeviir
Race: Drow
Height: 5'2''
Weight: Light, like most elves
Skin: Black
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson
Age: Almost 150 years old
Gender: Female
House: Maeviir
House Rank: First Daughter
House Colors: Black & Mystic Purple
House Status: Inactive

An armored figure displaying the colors of Maeviir and a plethora of unholy symbols hanging from small chains or carved on the armored plates.

She is clearly some kind of unholy warrior. For those versed in Drow lore however, it would be quite obvious that Medri is a Handmaiden of the Spider Queen, a order of female crusaders in the service of Lolth.

Outside her armor however the First Daughter of House Maeviir, Medri, looks almost like her mother, Irae but with a few key differences.

She is a young drowess, not as large as her mother, but could be considered towering when compared to an average sized drow. Unlike Irae she doesn't seem to show any sign of a stressful life, letting her beauty flourish, one that some say can rival Irae's when she was her age.

Despite her beauty however, it is obvious that Medri is not a fool. She is always on alert and has a commanding attitude towards anyone below her status.

Her breasts are also average, having never been a mother like Irae or performed body modifications. Her skin is unblemished, not a single scar, tattoo or piercing can be found on her. Her rear is perky, but those daring to touch it risk losing more than just their hands.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf