Marlene Crowley

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[Updated: 17/09/2019] TL;DR at bottom

Having spent several years within Sinifer herself, Marlene (does she even have a last name?) has clearly adapted to become a far more carefree and sexualized individual. Rarely does she speak of her past, and most of her combative nature has entirely faded to reveal a woman perpetually interested in a good time.

She shares a very feminine, angelic face, with a full set of purple-painted lips, tired and drooping sapphire eyes, and a very fair complexion. Two silver, large hoop earrings are pierced into her slightly slanted ears, betraying an Eladrin heritage somewhere down the line. Her hair, normally a very light, platinum blonde, is always dyed to an equally light, bright pink, and it was controlled in a very tuggable, thick braid falling down just above her curvy and wide matronly hips.

Two orbs of epic proportions are typically constrained in a top that should be labeled as offensive in itself, forcing a lewd amount of cleavage to be grinding up against her collarbone in an attempt to make that much flesh look pert and youthful, not that her toned body didn't share that of a woman in her prime. Should her top ever come down (perish the thought!), those heavy breasts would always sink down to settle to her ribcage, and her puffy areola would actually reveal an inverted nipple capping off either large breast.

She holds the curves of someone who isn't afraid to eat, yet is physically active, a gentle display of physicality working up her legs, that toned, wide ass and along her slender abs. Showing some of the lazier qualities would be the very telling backside of this vixen, being overly ample and dwarfed only by the globes of her chest. These two melon-like cheeks given a little wobble when she walks, forcing a sway of her hips.

Considering her manner of dress, it becomes entirely clear that Marlene is heavenly endowed in all places, and to spite herself and perhaps any onlooker, a formidable bulge exists to hint at her true gender, which is clearly influenced by having an equinal in the family tree. Marley seems to live with this by the age-old, tried-and-true method of tucking, instead of just giving up and going entirely in the buff or wearing some sort of terrible robe. Often now, she wears short skirts and dresses, directing her shaft against her hip or using some very controlling underwear to ensure it wasn't just falling down in the open. .. sometimes.

---------[TL;DR BELOW]---------
Gender: Shemale
Height: Approx. Six feet before heels.
Weight: 185lbs.
Bust: GG-Cup
Hung like a horse. Literally.

Marlene is a bottom, though she's occasionally climbed up to top. She has a strong preference for other shemales first, and otherwise has been known to be with both females and males.
Whites: Shemales! Herms too. But Shemales! Also a strong preference for female characters who happen to decide to sport something to fuck her. Big hearts.
Greens: RP! Kitchy stuff, adventure, steamy scenes, group scenes, dominant types, light bondage, monster fun.
Reds: Heavy bondage, demanding subs, bees, and things I don't want to mention in my description (imagine the usual suspects of waste, death, etc). Degradation through insulting (for some reason this just sets me off, please don't.)
Yellows:  Males (to get further into this, Marley will always swoon for a big strong male wanting to take her [This is a green], but she’s not very likely to be the ‘giver’ for those traps out there. It’s not that it doesn’t happen, she’s just not typically looking for it!)

I have a very open mind for scenes and I’m willing to try most things at least once - just ask if you’re not sure.
Also, if you log on me constantly I’mma start ignoring you. You did it to yourself! Say something before you go and I’ll probably be okay with that.
Player:Nothing To Sing About
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human