The figure before you (if you can see it) isn't an imposing one to be sure. Standing at a whopping 5-foot-nothing (1.52M) and weighing in at what mustn't be more than 90 pounds soaking wet, the sight isn't much to behold. She could be clad in anything from a (very slightly) battle-worn white overcoat and pants to a slightly-too-short purple and black skirt and her choice seems to vary wildly day by day, or even hour by hour.

Her demeanor is equally non-threatening. If she's not actively engaged in a conversation she's probably skulking through the shadows, an activity that she is incredibly adept at, tending to reveal herself only when finds someone to keep her company. For those with keen enough eyes to see her while hiding, her expressions betray alertness, curiosity and caution. She's constantly looking about at each and every person she passes, eyes and ears trained to pick up any signs that she may be spotted. When totally visible and chatting up a friend or acquaintance there is an additional feeling of easily visible friendliness practically eminating from her. Rarely will she ever appear angry, and rarer still will she ever be caught in an altercation.

No matter her garb at the moment she can always be seen with a spotlessly clean rapier strapped to her left hip, purple blade matching many of her outfits. A close inspection or a keen eye would see the scrapes and dings of only a small handful of scuffles but the implement is meticulously kept and scarcely used.

Her body itself is that of a catter. Her skin is incredibly pale (exacerbated by her affinity for shadow) and she has the tail, digitigrade legs and furry ears of her feline kin. There is no fur present elsewhere on her body and her hands lack claws, betraying that she is likely a half-breed of some sort.

The figure she cuts is lithe as can be, skinny from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She's got the flexible, taut figure of a gymnast and a diminutive B-cup bust at best. Even in a relatively modest outfit a quick glance will reveal her to be a person whose greatest trait certainly isn't her physical strength.

Her face is cute, relatively thin lips often coated in a light layer of purple color bent in a cautious smile much of the time. Her nose is similarly small and her jawline somewhat gaunt. Her facial features betray what is almost certainly elvish blood. The only aspects of her face that breaks the smaller-than-average trend are her eyes which are huge, deep blue and very expressive.

Her voice is soft and light. Some might say it's a tad too highly-pitched for easy listening but when asked she'll say she loves it, and most of the time her voice carries a happy, optimistic and curious cadence that projects an air of innocence. In having a more serious discussion, however, there would be a noticeable shift to the slow, calculated pace of someone that knows how to say only what needs to be said.

The visible parts of Emily's body show no noticible signs of scarring or tattoos, and she has only a single piercing (which those that have known her a while will recognize as quite new), a purple stud in her right ear.



Nothing against server rules
No bathroom-related play
No moderate to heavy BDSM
No permanent changes without consent
No serious pain or blood
No creatures more than 1 size class larger than her
No public scenes
I'm tell friendly, but I won't use tells to set up RP.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf