Standing at 5-foot-nothing and weighing in at what MIGHT be 90 pounds soaking wet, the form of this lithe feline is far from imposing. She dresses conservatively and speaks quietly these days, a drastic change that those who know her well are certain to notice. Her eyes are cast toward the gound and her ears are always alert. That is - of course - only noticeable if you can actually see her.

Emily has always preferred to stick to the shadows but she so rarely seems to emerge these days. No longer does she seem to be interested in conversation with strangers. Instead, she seems guarded and defensive most of the time. Furthering the image of someone withdrawn from social interaction, she has a number of weapons on her person. Strapped to her right side is a purple rapier, to her left is a purple and black flintlock pistol, and strapped to both the small of her back and the outside of her right thigh are two daggers.

~~Brief Description~~
Name: Emily
Race: Some sort of elven/feline mix?
Height: 5'0''
Body Type: Rather slim. Lithe.
Eyes: Blue, expressive, humanlike
Catlike Features: Ears, tail, legs/feet
Hair: White. Cropped at her shoulderblades.

~~OOC Stuff~~

Bathroom Stuff
Gore/Vore/Killing/Maiming/Serious Pain
Permanent Slavery/Permanent Changes without asking first
Heavy BDSM/Bondage
Group Scenes/Public Scenes
Anything against server rules
Sex with things more than one size class larger than her (And maybe still then. I'll be the judge)

If you have any more questions, player is tell-friendly. Do note that I don't typically like to set up RP (especially quickie ERP) in tells. I prefer the RP be real! You're allowed to approach Emily! . . If you can see her.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf