May'arra Despar

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A young drowess, her raiment is decorated with both emboidered and jeweled spiders, hinting at whom she follows.
She is tiny, for a drowess, at barely 4'6", and one might notice betwixt bountiful breasts a jewel-encrusted sigil of a raven. An unknown House, but showing her loyalty to them.
Her hair is long, and stark white, and always kept immaculately clean, usually bound only loosely to keep it out of her face.  Her face itself is pixie-like, with large doelike red eyes, fringed with long white lashes.
Her body itself is the stuff of legends, delicate and slender in most places, but for a prodigious set of breasts, and a round apple-bottom ass.  She tends to dress modestly, though not frumpily, in form-fitting but covering silks and leathers, or luxurious silk gowns.
She usually carries the scent of underdark lilies and spices, and the Weave is strong around her.

REDS: All server rules. Vore/Gore, permanent anything without my consent, scat/watersports.

Greens: Anything not listed in reds.  Have fun! Tell-friendly (if slightly geeky).
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf