~Brief Details~

Race: Eladrin
Subrace: Sun Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 150
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120lbs
Body Build: Slender, Toned
Measurements: 32W, 34L
Skin: Naturally Tanned
Hair Colour: Crimson Red
Hair Style: Thick flowing locks, shoulder length
Eye Colour: Hazelnut
Eye Shape: Slightly Narrowed
Voice: Soothing, calm, and polite

~Detailed Description~

From first impressions, the sun elf that stood before you appeared rather approachable and warm. He carried himself with a distinct poise and grace which was commonly seen amongst his people. A soft, inviting smile often graced the corners of his lips, which in turn benefitted the whole of his facial features. His expressions were often a combination of reservation and thought, never giving away too much of his emotions during conversation. High cheek-bones accentuated the majority of his masculine features, accompanied by a slightly upturned nose that made him appear rather snooty. Soft sculpted lips puckered outwards, separating to reveal a set of beautiful white teeth that glistened in the light.
One could not miss those eyes either. A pair of charming hazelnut orbs sat at either side of his nose, often the wrinkle below each eye rising up during a smile, which made him appear even more attractive. If one was to gaze deeply into those eyes, there was a certain intelligence buried underneath, which often times betrayed his true age. At the edge of each pupil one would find a fleck of silver which would dilate according to the size of the pupil at the time. The silver hue was a stark contrast to the hazelnut shade, which was considerably darker.

From the top of his head sprung a thick mass of rebellious crimson locks that found no difficulty in swaying across the elf's features from time to time. Of course, he could have easily shortened the length of his hair, but it seemed he was comfortable with this style at the time. Each strand appeared reinforced with a powerful conditioner, and it was no surprise that an intoxicating scent occasionally assaulted the nostrils of those present.
A generously thick fringe hung across his forehead, just above his brow, which made him appear slightly feminine. Without the hair, this would not be so. Sprouting upwards from beneath those thick layers, were a pair of highly pointed ears. Both tips appeared terribly sensitive, each earlobe pierced with a simple silver stud.

From the neck down, one would immediately notice the lack of swelling muscle that was commonly seen amongst the Sinfarian men, starting at the shoulders. The sun elf was slender, but not overtly so. His biceps and triceps were relatively muscular, leading down to toned forearms and delicately long fingers that extended outward without flaw. The torso was a combination of light definition, and a lack of impressive muscle. There was no six pack, simply an absence of any fat whatsoever. His pectorals were faintly prominent, but once again, nothing too impressive that would make his company hot and sweaty.
His waist was slender, although one's eye was drawn to the rear. A plush bubble butt pushed against any material he wore, (this must be where all the food was going) yet it was not a huge rear end either. Simply two wonderful asscheeks that could easily be grasped in a handful. Sitting above those cheeks were a pair of Venus Dimples, and strangely enough they were quite defined in their rest.
His legs were an impressive sight also. Long yet graceful in appearance, it was obvious to the common onlooker that he enjoyed running, for the most part.

And that seems to be all one would have gained from a simple observation. All that was left was the approach..

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf