Donna Willend´t

update: Donna is now 36 years old, she is know by many in Sinfar, she is a retired/failed adventurer who enjoyes the clubs and taverns too much, after living for 9 years in sinfar her body has change and mind has change, she is no longer all that young and toned, she is still slim but there some fat here and there.
She likes to wear more slutty clothes now and normaly doesnt use armor any more. You can see her in bars and around bad company. If you see her naked you would discover that both her nipples are pierced , clit and she have done some tattooes on her body.

You see a blonde woman with long silky hair past her waist, sometimes she ties it into a long braid. She has a height of 1.75 meters and she is not your average frail blonde girl.
Her body is toned and trainer and yet she retains all her feminine features with a firm round chest and a flat belly. Her waist is child bearing and her lower back ends up in a bumpy rear.

She is usualy clad in armor and prefer less feminine clothes. Her body doesnt seem to have many scars, none too deep either.

Greens:  Donna is mostly sub, she have learn to love interracial , sex with beasts, quickies with strangers, rough sex (but not rape), name calling, pleasing others, taking creampies, giving rimming and many others.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human