El'lys Baequi'eplith

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           El'lys Baequi'eplith


           [Quick Overview]

            Age: 314 Years.
             Height: 4'8.
           Weight: ~100 lbs.
         Hair Color: Emerald Green.
            Hair Length: >5'.
         Eye Color: Emerald Green.
          Flesh Tone: Slightly Pale.
               Bust: D.


         [The Neck and Above}

    El'lys has a smooth, slim neck that flows softly on a gentle taper towards the sky.  The edges of the jawline appear angular, and sharp at the point where the neck meets the jaw.  The flesh is soft, and silky smooth to the touch.  El'lys is full blood Elven, and because of this her ears are elongated to a sharp point.  The width of El'lys' ears are also slender.  El'lys' lips are slender, but still full and plump.  There is almost always a tiny smirk present upon the corners of this elven female's lips.  Moving towards the sky one will find her nose.  El'lys' nose is small with curved nostrils, and a sharp, curved taper that slides up to form the bridge between her eyes.  El'lys has two slightly slanted, deep, brilliant emerald eyes.  The elfess' eyebrows slant down on the inner edges towards her nose, much like the typical elf.  El'lys is entirely hairless over the majority of her body save for her lashes, brow, and hair.  Lastly, the curtain of long flowing emerald silk that sprouts from her head, and then down her back shines a reflective glimmer in even the dimmest of lighting.  This is perhaps her most alluring feature, along with the very length of her hair, which would drag the ground behind her when left unbound.


           [The Belt and Up]
    El'lys' body is not entirely outfitted in the typical elven feature set.  The most notable oddity that sets El'lys off from many of her kin, would be the fact that instead of having sharp curves, and gentle slopes - she is voluptuous.  El'lys possesses full hips.  These hips are wider than what you would typically find on an elven female.  Above these hips El'lys' tummer rolling inwards on a gentle curve.  The rolling slope of her midsection's taper appears to angle inwards to the same degree by her sides, and by her tummy.  The slope that rises from her ass is slightly less angled.  El'lys body appears to contain a slight amount of padding that cushions the fleshy smoothness over the sharper angles of the bones.  This feature gives her a more buxom, plump appearance, rather than the lithe, and overly slender sharpness that one would typically find on the casual elven female.  The arms, drape down at her sides loosely, and with that same slight padding, conceal a fair amount of muscle build.  The hands are well kept, and always manicured with the nails painted a glossy green most of the time.  Lastly, the bust - this is one of her other atypical elven features.  Instead of the lovely handful most often topped with a perky bud, you will find that El'lys' bust is far more swollen.  This is something that rides on border of D, if you really care to compare her upper undergarment's size.  Each is positioned upon her upper frame with equal distance from her sternum.  Each bouncy, bubbled globe of overly plump busty flesh is capped with a lush pink circle, and in the center of each of those sensitive, pink circles resides the plump perky buds that are her nipples.  El'lys tends to arch her back just slightly from the center of her midback in a habit of trained balance due to this heavy offset of a feature.


           [The Waist Down]

    The elfess' hips flare out in a soft curvy manner that just slightly undercuts the extent of her bust.  This feature gives her overall figure something of a very slight offset to a typical hourglass.  The behind consists of a pair of lush, juicy fleshbubbles that most often sit firm, and pert upon the support of her thighs.  The plumpness is coated by that lovely, smooth skin that gives the rest of her body that soft pale glow.  The forward side of her lower body would house that lovely slit.  Pale, hairless lips, very minimal folding to the flesh, that pink little tunnel concealed between.  There was little in the way of hooding.  That little clitoris almost always exposed in it's perch atop her slit.  El'lys' thighs were toned, and yet softly plump at the same time.  The same goes for her calves.  The muscles of these tight legs faintly shown through the soft flesh when contracted.  The feet.  The feet are cute.   Toenails painted red with tiny black smiley faces directly in the center of each big nail.



    El'lys is aware that she could be considered beautiful, but she doesn't go out of her way to attract attention to herself.  She isn't a rich woman, and she isn't exactly a scant woman either.  El'lys seems to fall in the middle.  There are times when she may wear something that might reveal quite a bit of her bare flesh.  There will also be times when she will wear something that hugs her figure in all the right places.  But, on the other hand, there will be times when she wears a full, flowing gown. Mood, and mood alone, will dictate what she wears regardless of the situation.



    El'lys carries with her, a pair of devices that are most often strapped to her arms.  These devices are blade clusters that extend, and retract via the manipulations of the grips that lie most of the time in her palms.  The blades are viciously sharp, and El'lys is remarkably skilled in making minced meat from many that would mean her harm in a rather swift period of time.



    El'lys possesses a gift that is not too uncommon around the world these days.  That gift is the ability to blend into, and dissppear into the visual spaces that surround her.  This gift could be described as sometime similar to what a chameleon would make use of in order to escape a dangerous situation.  Whether this trait is magical, or just something that she has trained upon is uncertain.



    El'lys' name was given to her for a reason, and means as follows: Green/Emerald Breeze, Blessed by the Forest.  The first for the emerald color of her hair, and the latter due to her uncanny capabilities while traveling in the forest.


Just so people don't go asking me constantly -> here you are!

Things that I don't want to see:

1. Shit. This belongs in a toilet in a bathroom near you.  NOT on, near, or in visual perception of El'lys.

2. I don't care for cannibalism either.  Why are you eating another PC? Nate is cooking in the Full House.  Go buy some fucking soup or something!

Everything else is perfectly fine.

I keep getting questions asking me what exactly 'everything else' stands for, so here is a list:


Oral(Forced, Cocksucking, Pussylicking).
Impregnation/Knocking El'lys up(Either intentional or otherwise).
Slavery(Either by convincing her for consent or forcing a collar upon her neck).
Rape with the intent to enslave/impregnate.
Cocks of all natures, and sizes(Anal, Vaginal).
Bondage of all types(including mummification/gagging).
Piercing(Nipples, tongue, pussylips, clit, etc).


Read the reds again, and that pretty much covers it. <3
Player:Emerald Tresses
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human