Thrawen Rel'fent

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Height: 5'4
Race: Drow
Eye colour: Red
Hair Colour: White

Thrawen has left the familiarity of the Underdark to see the wider world.  Finding herself in a strange and new land, she is attempting to adjust to the sudden change in lifestyle her arrival has left her in.

Thrawen has spent much of her time in the darkest parts of Sinfar, temporarily forced into servitude to make ends meet.  Unlike what she had been used to in the  Underdark Thrawen has, at times, had to suppress her domineering attitude and assumed superiority.  Over time her more submissive nature has revealed itself, the feeling of rope and latex on her body causing her to writhe in ways she does not fully understand.  This new revelation has caused conflict with her understanding of how a Drow should act.  Now, she is wary of the people she meets, choosing to cautiously approach anyone who might pique her curiousity.  

Manner: When first meeting her she acts in a typical haughty Drow manner, though this is a facade, a veil she has learned to hide behind.  Her true nature is submissive.

Reds: Excessive gore, mutilation, scat and anything that might violate server rules.

Greens: All genders (preference to men), Bondage (all forms), BDSM, pet play, marking her, outfits toys, machines (fucking and milking), tentacles, collars, latex/rubber, monsters/monstrous types and many other things I can't think of!  I'm tell friendly so don't be afraid to ask ^^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf