Thara E'lin

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Brought to Sinfar from her Frozen home, she does her best to please her demanding familey.
Thara is a fairly common for her elven kin, slender and graceful, but with a hint of mischievousness in her brown eyes, and a impish grin on her lips.            


Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Race: Elf
Sex: female
Age: late elven teens


Thara is a rather odd elf, she seems more human in nature than elf, and her rough upbrining in the city have left its mark on her, she is small of build even a bit for a elf, rather pale, but smooth skin the only blemish is a the scar of a bitemark on her left shoulder. Her eyes a a warm deep brown, Her hair is raven black. tough she dose ocasionaly dye it some other colour.
tough she dosent need the coin anymore, her old habbits die hard, she still tends to pick pockets if only for the thrill of it, so if she inches nere you, it might be to empty your pockets if you dont pay attention.

hidden on her lower right arm are  almost hidden scars from old cuts down along the arm.

Septum Ring - a mithril thick ring, with jagged sharp edges. It'd be enchanted to regenerate and reinforce the nostril of the wearer, making it impossible to tear out.



Very tell friendly! questions? Just ask! ^^

Favorites: [Submitting] [Hard Hair Pulling] [Forced] [Anyting Anal!!] [Being Used] [Oral] [Females Smoking Cigarettes]

[Breaking Server Rules Duh] [Permanent Changes Without First! OOC Consent!][cigarette buds or ash in mouth] i know its odd but really ew!

[Huge Cocks] [Excessive streching]

[Pleasing others!!!!] [Talking Dirty] [Dark skinned charcters] [Tentacles] [petplay/animal play][bondage/light/heavy/and extreme!][Lockable clothing] [latex] [humiliation] [objectification][bondage outfits/doll play] [Groups]  [Magic] [Mind Control] [Drugging] [Toys] [Rough Sex] [Soft Sex] [Romance] [Traps] [Spit] [Teasing] [Made To Beg] [Gags] [Evil Doms] [Watersports] [Strong Characters] [Gangbangs]  [Males] [Females] [Shemales] [Demons] [Devils] [Vampires] [Oral] [Vaginal] [Beasts]....

And Many many more! if it is not red i love it! if in doubt ask ooc ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf