Shelly Puffnhuff

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Shelly Puffnhuff

Race: Human
Age: Early twenties
Social class: Noble
Sex: Natural born girl
Orientation: Mostly straight
Disposition: Naive and optimistic

Shelly is a young girl, with big wide brown eyes and a bright charming smile. Everything about the way she talks and moves tells about an upper class spoiled lifestyle. She's proud, well mannered and girly, but also naive, and filled with prejudices. Althought Shelly's family is no doubt very traditional, she seems to overcompesate by showing an open mind about most everyone but deep down her morals are those of classic nobility.

On account of these morals and their view on women, Shelly's had an absurdly absent sexual education, and because of this she isn't very sure about how to react to many of the situations she's been experiencing in Sinfar Archipielago. She's been around long enough not to be shy about a lot of things, but still, she's more likely to put out when lead by a sly and charming individual who can fill her naive little mind with the right ideas. Those who are rude, or try to be pushy, on the other hand will get to know a more stubborn and detemined side of her personality, being nice doesn't mean she's a pushover, far from it actually!

Although, she can be energetic, shelly's not a leader, but an eager follower. She prefers for others to take the initiative as she's naturally drawn to jump in line when faced with a figure of authority she admires and respects. Earning her trust is nothing hard either, but those who act in an overtly shady way (like stereotypical criminals, or monsters) will find it extremely difficult if they can't justify their motives in a convincing way. No matter how false it may be, if it sounds genuine Shelly will believe it, even if it's completely absurd.

She's a tall brown haired, brown eyed girl, with soft pale skin and juvenile, innocent features. Her body frame is curvy, with a huge pair of tits, ample waist, and a rounded butt. Shelly favors girly outfits with bright colors and generous cleavage, after all she's noticed her boobs get good attention, and, oh boy, does she love attention and compliments.

Whites: Creampies, dwarves, interracial, old men, consistent lies and trickery, socialite RP that might or might not involve sex.

Greens: Humanoid creatures, average or cute small dicks, lower class partners, being paid for sex or using sex as a compensation, vanilla, being taken advantage of due to innocence, talking about her boobs and pussy and having them praised, looking for nice cool new areas, Risk of pregnancy.

Maybe green?: Cuckolding, haven't tried but, I think I'd like this theme. I also believe it requires a good partner in crime, I like consistant RP and having Shelly's boyfriend be a one time thing just for a kink, is going to ruin my inmersion.

Yellow (I might go with it if I'm liking the RP, but if these are a must for us to have a scene, don't presupose I'm going to do it, and I don't like being pressured into it): Dogs, Anal, Group sex (I actually like this one, but I get stressed when I have multiple people talking to me at once @_@), Romance.

Reds: Any kind of violence, PvP, Actual Pregnancy, people who point out Shelly's being dumb or ignorant (Of course I know where children come from, you don't need to lecture shelly about anything that's obvious, just let me have my fun!), toilet play or watersports, unrealisticically big cocks, giants or characters who are a lot bigger than shelly, and obviously; child characters.

About tells and ooc stuff - I'm okay with tells, and if I'm idle I might even engage in some ooc conversation. Anyway, I don't like personal questions, like what's my age, or where I live or even what's my actual gender. If I'm busy I ask that you don't insist, I get a little stressed when talking to many people simultaneously, it's not you, it's not personal. Also if you're going to log out in the middle of a scene, just tell me you're leaving, I don't need for you to give me reasons, I'm not going to be upset about it. But  I'm going to be upset if I'm waiting for someone thinking they might have crashed and they just left.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human