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One fine day, she decided to pack a few supplies, grab a camel and go for a calm ride through the sandy planes she thought she knew well. It started out fine alright, beautiful sky, a warm sun and calm sands without storms. But halfway through the day it started going south. The wind picked up speed and sand around her was already rising in the air. As she looked to the horizon there was a large dark cloud of much more sand visible. Quickly, she rode her camel towards the nearest rocks in search of shelter and after a little time, she found a small cave to hide in. "My lucky day!" She said to herself and smiled while sliding off of the camel's back before leading it along into the entrance. It's wasn't that dark inside, at least not near the entrance, nor was it cold. So, she led her camel further inward and after unpacking her supplies, she lit a small torch and placed three loose rocks together on the sandy floor of the cave, using them to stick the torch inbetween in order to keep it upright like a candle. She then sat down by the torch and decided to have something to eat and a drink of water while waiting it out inside the cave.
A little tired from traveling through the warm desert and having a meal, she soon started to doze off. Her form relaxing as she closed her eyes to rest them after staring at the torch for a moment. Those curves of soft flesh and fat sagging sideways as she lay on her left side and her thin garments slipping across her creamy skin. The combination of torchlight and some indirect sunlight coming through the entrance making that creamy skin glisten and glitter with a hint of sweat and small grains of sand clinging to it. And this was noticed. It wasn't her lucky day. She didn't know the desert as well as she thought.
Very faintly, there was the sound of a shuffle through sand. It was there earlier as well, but at the time, the now sleeping woman had thought it was just the wind, and this time, she wasn't awake to notice it. The camel was resting as well, and even if it had noticed, it wasn't exactly a guard dog.
Slowly and seemingly careful, a tall and large shadow appeared from a dark area in the back of the small cave, almost as if coming from an unseen tunnel. And just as carefully, it moved across the uneven wall of the cave, silently coming closer and closer until it was but a few feet away from the sleeping woman.
Flickering left and right across the uneven wall due to the torchlight, it waited there. A second arrived, as silently as the first, joining the first and standing still, watching the woman together.
Then it happened, shadows moved out of darkness and into the torchlight. Large men grinned and while one kicked over the torch to make it fall into the sand, the other grabbed one of the woman's arms and quickly placed a hand over her mouth. Startled, she opened her eyes and tried to see. But before she could react, she was pulled away. Dragged off into that dark tunnel she hadn't noticed before. Pulled into the darkness by her ankles with one's hands while her body was held and her mouth was covered by another's. Her own hands grasping and scraping through loose sand, and her eyes wide open with pupils staring at the last glimps of sunlight that was about to be taken away.

That was a long time ago now, maybe a few years, maybe even a little more. She herself doesn't even know how long she was held captive in those caves. All she does know is that when she finally did manage to escape and get out through those tunnels, she found her pack empty and half covered with sand, next to the dry bones of her camel.
Seeing that, she halted for only a brief moment. She thought of her camel but quickly realized she didn't have time to mourn, she needed to get out of that cave and run, and she needed to do it now.
And so she ran. She ran as fast as she could while the sun was already setting and the desert sands turned from beige, to orange to dark brown black around her. After that long, she didn't even remember which way she had traveled to get to that cave, but this night, she was lucky.
For as long as she could, she ran. From sunset untill deep into the night, she kept raising her legs and kicking her feet into the sand below to get as far away as she could. Even after her muscles turned sour, cramped up and caused her to fall, she quickly got back on her feet and continued by walking.
After hours, the sky began to brighten around her and behind her the sun was coming up again. She smiled as she held a hand above her eyes to look back and see no trace of that cave. Having no idea of how far she had traveled this time, she looked around every now and then and when the sun stood higher in the sky, she spotted sails. She gathered what strength she had in her and ran for those waters. Shouting and waving her arms when finally standing at the shore. Soon the ship lowered it's sails and dropped anchor to send a small boat towards her and take her aboard and she felt she couldn't take up that offer fast enough.
Sitting in the small rowboat, she smiled at the wrinkley old man sitting opposite to her, and while he rowed them back to the ship, she took a moment to rest her legs. The old man smiled back with a somewhat lowered face as if nodding once, his eyes and what they were looking at, hidden under the edge of his hat.
After the short boatride, she climbed up a rope ladder and when she grabbed the wooden bannister to get aboard, a strong hand took her by the arm to help her up and over. As her feet hit the deck, she looked up and saw the whole crew on deck looking right back at her, she looked to her left to see who helped her up and saw the captain.
They all smiled while looking at her, a few even grinning and chuckling while seeing the woman come aboard with nothing but a few pieces of cloth on her. A moment later, a hand pushed at her backside to urge her forward, it was the old man that had rowed her there. She took a few paces forward on the deck and the old man climbed aboard to stand behind her.
Briefly she noticed a young man among all the old crew members. All the others were smiling and grinning at her for what seemed one very obvious reason, but the young man who looked even younger than herself, seemed to smile oddly, he showed a happy smile. That cave had taken the girl out of her and she was no longer even a young lady. No, she was a woman now, a woman in every sense of the word and it didn't take her long to connect the dots. Grinning old sailors away from home, a young man smiling happily as if releaved. One man standing and staying behind her, and the captain for some reason still holding her arm. Her smile was gone now. The dots were connected and the picture was clear as the desert sky. Lady luck hadn't stayed by her side for long. She knew now how she was going to pay for passage.
The captain and the crew worked well together to go out of their way and avoid making port unless absolutely necessary. But after many months at sea "enjoying" questionable meals inbetween her "chores" aboard ship, she managed to slip away from view and jumped ship at the sight of light in the distance. She swam for it, as fast as she could she swam, gulping up water and spitting it out to wash away the taste still lingering on her tongue. "Lady luck is back" she thought to herself for a moment, but quickly she decided not to be too hopeful. And she was right when deciding that.
Because, after having spent the last few years learning what men want the hard way, she was now swimming directly towards Sinfar's shores.

REDS: Anything permanent. Long pregnancies, even short ones are more orange than yellow. Vore, gore, cannibalism and all that Japanese blood and guts stuff, it's really not a turn on.

GREENS: Everything else.

FAVORITES: Using her to fulfill your desires. Don't ask first in a tell, don't romance her or hit on her with drinks. Just grab Opala and drag her off somewhere to do with as you wish.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf