Zeric Auryon

At a Glance
Hair: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: About 5' 10"
Weight: Around 135
Build: Slender
Noteable Features:
Tattoo of flames along his right shoulder.
A piercing along his nose. A stud capped by a ruby.

Detailed Descrption

He has a set of red flowing hair. It reaches down to his shoulders and stops just past them. It seems to be a thick mane of hair that is immaculately taken care of and moved into proper place daily. His form is very much that of a dancer. Slender and well defined muscles adjourn his form as do small tendrils of shadow which constantly seem to shift in and out along his form. Never staying still for a moment and they also seem to hide a part of where he is as if he was a shade.

His body seemed to be built for speed and agility able to move quickly, even if he was not as graceful as many.  His red eyes seemed to reflect upon himself showing his emotions through the flames of them. If one was to gain his ire the flames would burn cold, and if they gained his passion they would burn hot with them. At times his eyes would shift to a pure black with the manipulation of the shadows surrounding him to do his bidding.  

There was a faint band of shadow along one of his wrists written in a shadowed runes. The last of them to still be there. Most wouldn't understand it (Lore 30) unless they had been to the shadow planes or studied shadow magic. He also has a faint scar running down along from his right shoulder down to his left hip. Most of it had been fully healed but a faint view of it remains. As a reminder or a lesson perhaps.

His right shoulder has a tattoo of a flame along it. Tendrils of the fire reaching and wrapping around and up to his neck. It shifting from red to blue slowly with a darkened shadow at the very tips of the flame and at the base of it as if the flames were casting the shadow onto him.

His left nostril was capped by a ruby held in a mithral casing. A small stud that shone every so often as he wore it. It would glitter in the depths of night and also the light of day. Underneath the ruby itself there is an engraving of ZA along the mithral.  Along his right hand there is also a golden ring with an engraving on it. He seems loathe to depart with it at all. His palms also seem to be calloused and hard from one that has seen plenty of fighting.

He carries two pouches with him constantly one seems to be filled with cards of all diffrent sorts and sizes. While the other seems to carry dice along with other miscellaneous items
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf