Dina Angelf

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Apparent age: 25-Human/Halfling
Vampire Age:  Try asking
Race:  Vampire
Skin: Always Pale
Hair: Blood Red with Black
Eyes: Crimson Red (Slight Glow in the Dark)
Sex: Normally Female
Alignment Detection: LE
Profession: Priestess of Evening Glory
Family: Angelf
Personality: Dominant-ish

OOC Stuff


She can walk in the day now, however this was not always the case. Spent most of her younger life, removing her vampire weaknesses. Using the Reveler Ritual, which requires consuming stronger vampires in other to overcome he own weakness. The last vampire she consumed was her father. Her taint (diablerie mark) remains to this day. It remains unclear to herself, whether or not her father allow/wanted this to happen in other complete the experiment he had begun with her and her sister birth.

Form/Size Alterations

She can manipulate her body at will; as Such she may change her body size and appearance but not the color of her skin. This includes Sex changes if required.

Vampire Play and Sex

She can feel and enjoy your touch just fine. Pleasure Involves feeding from her partner, If you have non to give she will please you or Fake her own orgasms. Feeding does not have to be  on the neck any body part will work, she does have some preferential spots.  Races, far as this goes she has nothing against any race,  but if she can't feed from them so it's likely she won't be too interested in those, there  will always be exceptions.

Vampire Powers

Possess typical "charm ability" but it's rare she will use it on people. Wolf/mist forms. Shadow Illusion: Large Shadow Form.Servant creation (Vampires or Ghouls) and Blood bounding. Blood Magic for other uses. Can make Vampires.Can give Children to other females (special circumstances apply)Else I am open to certain situations.

Background Short version:

Originally Born Dhampir from a vampire father and a Mortal mother. Her mother was priestess who fell in love with a vampire, her father had abandoned them right after she was born, leaving mother to fend for her and their new born baby girl. He had stated to her that his experiment was unsuccessful. Despite her situations she never gave up on herself or on her strange child, rather she took it as a sign of her goddess.

Over the years her mother faced many challenges for raising her daughter, most forced her to be constantly on the move or secluded from general populations. As time went by she grew weaker as a side effect from having given birth to her daughter, eventually dying when Dina was around 15, leaving her with a  journal  explain her origins and why she had kept  her despite of her been born the way she was.

Things went south quickly, she faced many challenges she had to overcome by herself; however her mother journal left many clues.  Her life improved upon meeting her half-sister after many years of wonderingÂ….. TBC IC if interested.

Occ note: Reveler is a Prestige class from Book Fang and Fury that I used as template for the ritual, as well as other ideas.

    XANDRIA "Come With Me"

I belong to a world of
twilight and regret
Sing my song to the ones
who never hear it
The spell is cast,
time is frozen for eternity
I know it lasts only till the sun is rising

Sinful is my heart, my darling
Let me share with you

Come with me to a place far away
Come enter the world in the shadows

All my scars are painted with the blood
that I once have spilled
My old heart had to see it all to win my freedom

Sinful is my soul, my darling
Let me share with you

Come with me to a place far away
Come enter the world in the shadows
See through my eyes and feel what I feelCome take my hand and just dare to believe

Come with me to a place far away
Come enter my world

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human