Naila Nafisa Jawahir

Naila Nafisa Jawahir

Naila, a common Calimshan name suggests that this lovely fiendish looking creature is only a descendant of a true Tanar'ri, a tiefling.
Despite having horns, a tail and a pinkish skin tone, the most disturbing way Naila's ancestry manifests itself are her completely white eyes. Having no visible iris nor pupil her stare is disquieting to most.
That said there are some things sinisterly enticing to her appearance as well. A combination of oil black hair, a heart shaped face, full lips and long lashes lend her face an exotic beauty. An hourglass figure, remarkably huge breasts and a bottom to match it hint that her fiendish ancestor was some kind of succubi.
Her style of dress and thick Alzhedo accent hint at Calishite origins. Her swagger suggests she is roguish, the tattoo on her left arm piratical.

Status: Naila is new to Sinfar and thus might still be shaped by her surroundings and opportunities. That said she is predisposed to villainy and more likely to form rivalries with knights and other do-gooders and alliances with more lawless characters.

Not to discourage anyone's interest but I do insist on a decent grasp of English for ERP. Don't fret over spelling mistakes but I do expect proper sentences.

White: Trickery, manipulation, blackmail, sexual punishment, figuring out ways in which she is forced to perform lewd acts. Giving oral, boobjobs, partners who cum much and often. Gangbangs/blowgangs (pc's or npc's).

Green: Facefucking, non-consensual and most other things, anal.

Yellow: Romance, cuddles, bdsm, seduction over drinks, impregnation (long term rp only).

Red: Acts against server rules, scat, death, mutilation, lesbian erp, overly goofy or absurdly overpowered characters. Magic as a deus ex machina or all purpose tool. Ask if unsure or I'll let you know.

Tell and set up friendly
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human