Doomguide Webber

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Name: Markus Webber
Race: Half-Celestial
Subrace: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 6"2
Weight: 183lb
Class: Cleric/Doomguide/Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Alas your gaze wanders about, fixated at this woman who seems to be at most times clad from head to toe in an assortment of garments and armor. A full silver mask which lacks any form of expression donned while all the same a pair of golden eyes lacking their expression peer back at you in turn. Only of course to adorn it all with strands of silvery white hair that seemed to flow from her head to her shoulders should she bother to reveal it, with her curved but pointed ears topping it all off from the sides. With the mask pried away she would seem to adorn that calm expression of hers with a scar that ran down clean cut her left eye, more or less from a blade that seaked to end her life but alas left behind a cosmetic nightmare.

Once one convinces such a woman to disrobe her attire, one?s eyes would be enchanted by the graces of some rather peculiar ink that ran about her body in a somewhat randomness fashion that still somewhat cohered to a state. And if one?s eyes were truly magnificent they could in turn pull detail of scars that seemed to hide beneath, and it was by no mistake that such a scar would coincide with an image in turn. A good example would be the image of some sort of demonic creature on her left arm with a rather large scimitar in hand making the majority of the detail. If one was to run their finger along the crescent of the blade they would perhaps be delighted to the sensation of such hidden secret of a healed wound. There were many of such cases that seemed to cover her body that would go unaccounted for.

Regardless even with such blemishes to behold with the blood of her ancestors she seemed to be somewhat remarkably fair to her commonplace human followings. That fair almost radiant skin offering its warmth to the gentlest of touches, one could not even imagine how her hands were so untouched by wear to begin with. Still
whatever secrets she was beholden to were hers to keep for the time being.

Webber's appearance may not follow what is described up above at all times.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human